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EA, BioWare Under Fire for Dragon Age II DRM

Both companies accused of dishonesty and failure to fully disclose digital rights management technologies in PC version of fantasy roleplaying game Dragon Age II.

Time for an Xbox 360 and PS3 Price Drop?

Is it time, once more, for Sony's PS3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360 pricing to come on down?

Crysis 2: Hey Sherlock Superhero, Come Get Some

In which we go hands-on with Crytek's alien-popping sequel and find its early levels rather good.

Gamewatch: Crysis 2, Dissidia 012 Duodecim Final Fantasy, The Sims Medieval

Check out the latest PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and handheld video games shipping the week of March 21.

Nintendo 3DS Takes No-Glasses 3D Mainstream

Nintendo's new 3D handheld delivers authentic no-glasses 3D, adds a library of lifestyle features in the bargain.

Sony Scores Subpoena for PS3 Hacker's PayPal Data

Sony secures subpoena power from federal judge to sift through PS3 hacker George Hotz's financial records.

Doodle Jump Tops 10 Million Paid Downloads, Bounces to Kinect

Lima Sky's mobile platform-hopper passes 10 million paid downloads milestone, just in time for Xbox Live Arcade Kinect port announcement.


Ubisoft May Have Pirated Own Assassin's Creed Soundtrack

User publishes pictures suggesting Ubisoft pirated its own soundtrack and redistributed pirate tracks to customers who paid for digital deluxe version of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.

Homefront Reviews Torpedo THQ Stock Price, Metacritic Broken

THQ's stock price plummets in apparent investor reaction to mediocre reviews of publisher's new 'alternate history' shooter Homefront, but is Metacritic's average scoring really representative?

We're Giving Away Halo: Reach "Defiant" Map Packs

Before you grab Microsoft's new Halo: Reach downloadable map pack, consider following our Twitter contest, where we'll be giving away five DLC codes this week.

Angry Birds Exec: R.I.P. Console Gaming

Angry Birds marketing lead claims mobile games spell the demise of traditional console gaming at SXSW conference.


Analyst: Kinect Outselling PlayStation Move 5 to 1

Kinect's a record-breaking sales-grabber, and it looks like it may be outselling Sony's PlayStation Move by huge margins.

Gamewatch: Homefront, Yakuza 4, Shogun 2

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Sony PlayStation 3 No Longer Banned in Netherlands

Netherlands court lifts import injunction on Sony's PS3, freeing up 300,000 seized and impounded systems.

NPD: Xbox 360 Top System in February, Black Ops Breaks World Record

Microsoft's Xbox 360 sold over half a million units in February, while Call of Duty Black Ops brushed past Wii Play to become the bestselling game in history.