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Skyrim Launch Party: 33 Degrees, Snow Coming Down

In which I drop by my local game store to celebrate Skyrim's midnight launch and discover it still snows in real life, too.

Skyrim: Bethesda's Strange, Beguiling, Magnificent Dance with Dragons

In Bethesda's exquisite Elder Scrolls roleplaying epic, you'll play a game of dragons and witness a clash of thrones.

World of Warcraft Loses 2 Million Subscribers in a Year

Activision Blizzard's online cash cow loses 800,000 subscribers, continues to decline as subs drop to 10.3 million worldwide.

Why Do Metacritic Users Hate Modern Warfare 3?

The latest salvo in Activision's money-printing Call of Duty franchise has launched, so why do so many users claim to despise it?

Modern Warfare 3 Thieves Crash Into Van Carrying 6,000 Copies

French criminals target van carrying copies of Modern Warfare 3, use tear gas to make off with over half a million dollars in product.

Modern Warfare 3 'No Russian' Moment Outed in Leaked Video?

Like Modern Warfare 2 before it, it seems Modern Warfare 3 has a cinematic sequence designed to invoke player repulsion.

Want to Play Skyrim Early? Bethesda's Working On It

Skyrim may be available a hair earlier than expected for those not on Eastern time when it arrives late next week.

Grand Theft Auto V Flies Back to San Andreas in Debut Trailer

The Grand Theft Auto V debut trailer is out, and we've got it.

What's Inside a Giant Box of Skyrim?

While you're waiting for Skyrim to arrive, here's what's coming in the $150 collector's edition.

How to Misunderstand Uncharted 3 (and Still Enjoy It)

Uncharted 3 ships tomorrow, but does it really substitute spectacle for design intrepidness?

Claim: Disc Two of Modern Warfare 3 Stolen, Pirated

Tech site reports the second disc of Activision Blizzard's upcoming first-person shooter is now in the wild.