Facebook Most Often Blocked by Businesses

Facebook is the most blacklisted website -- and the second most whitelisted, according to research from Open DNS. But who's the phishing king?

Computacenter Launches Cloud Email Service

Computacenter has launched a new cloud email service.

IPv6 Gets Global Test Day

A group of web companies have come together to test the viability of next generation Internet protocol IPv6.

CFOs Look to Move to Cloud, But Not Yet

According to a SunGard survey, CFOs are still loath to move to the cloud, citing safety concerns

British Firm Crafts Remote Access to Chrome

A small British company is to work with Google on developing remote access for Chrome.

One-Third of All Malware Appeared in 2010

Cybercrooks cranked out a third of all malware that has ever existed last year, according to the latest PandaLabs annual report.

Scottish Researchers Claim 1000-Core Processor

Researchers at the University of Glasgow say they've created a 1000-core chip.

Small Businesses Embrace Social Media

Small and midsize enterprises are increasingly turning to social media sites to generate sales according to new research.

Microsoft Launches HTML5 Labs

Microsoft has announced an HTML5 interoperability site to help Web developers.

Rise in Virtualized Data Centers Creates New Mix of Needs

The drive to keep costs down is key to most organizations' virtualization strategies. In a new report, Forrester has offered a guide to the new shape of data centers.

iPads Choke on Some Sites

Analysis: A survey by Zeus Technology has found that some of the most popular websites display poorly on iPads.

Internet cloud

Database Administrators Prepare to Move to the Cloud

Companies are set to move their databases into the cloud over the next couple of years

Former Wikileaks Partners Ready Rival Site

OpenLeaks plans another front in the war on secrecy with a different approach to whistleblowing.

Companies Fail to Adopt Security Policies for Virtualization

New research has revealed the security holes in virtualized environments.

Research Supports Claim That Cloud Is Energy Efficient

Cloud computing means a much better use of energy resources, says Pike.