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Sorry, You Can't Have This Star Trek Electronic Door Chime

Even if you don't have automatic sliding doors in your home or workplace, this motion-sensitive door chime should make your surroundings feel a bit more high-tech.

Holy Smokes, This First Class Cabin Looks Just Like the Enterprise

If you're paying top-dollar to fly on Qantas Airways, your next trip to (and from) Australia will feel like a first class trip across the galaxy.

Twine Lets Everyone Turn Their Home Into a High-Tech Sensor Array

Gaining a staggering $500,000 in funding, Supermechanical's tiny gadget box is set to make its first production run, with more sensor accessories on the way.

Wooden Art Deco PC Looks Like a Blast From The Past

Designer Jeffrey Stephenson reveals his latest case mod project, a compact computer that oddly wouldn't look out of the place in the Roaring Twenties.

Scientists Restore 125-Year-Old Audio With 3D Optical Scans

Researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory use high-tech 3D optical scanning technology to scan ancient discs that were previously unreadable.


This Atari 2600 Chiptune Guitar Rocks Like It's 1977

Australian modder "cTrix" shows off programming and musical mastery with this improbable and impressive Atari guitar creation.

LG Shows Off New Pics of That Ultra-Thin 55-Inch OLED TV

LG's UK division reveals photos of its newest OLED television display, which purports to be "the future of TV technology."


Twitter-Writing Laser Gun Turns Tweets Into Art

Inventor Matt Richardson has found a way to visually display Twitter posts on a phosphorescent paper canvas, due to some clever gadgetry.

JXD S7100: The $140 Android Tablet That Plays Everything

Chinese electronics manufacturer JinXing Digital cares nothing for copyright laws, releasing an Android tablet that oddly promotes gaming piracy with... Justin Bieber?

This Portable GameCube is What We Really Wanted For Christmas

Another handheld take on the Nintendo GameCube has debuted in the underground modding community, and it even comes with its own music video.

World's Smallest USB Stick Fits Flush to Your Computer

Dutch manufacturer Deonet one-ups their competition in the storage market by launching a USB memory stick no bigger than your thumbnail.

PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS Lose Battery Test Race To The PSP

Battery life on the 3DS doesn't last much longer than your average Lord of the Rings movie, according to a comparison on YouTube, but the PlayStation Vita doesn't fare much better.

This 13-Foot Tall Robot Is the Next Step to Building a Gundam

Making small robots that can walk and talk is going to be old hat once the Hajime Research Institute completes this giant humanoid machine.

No Car Thief Can Fool This Japanese Car Seat

Car alarms and steering wheel locks can only do so much against a determined carjacker, but this pressure-sensing seat might stop them cold.

National Geographic Hopes This Micro-Copter Doesn't Get Eaten By Lions

National Geographic's Michael Nichols is using state-of-the-art technology to get closer to Africa's lions, including this impressive hovering gadget.