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Any Phone Can Take Macro Photos With This Lens Band

Capturing high-detail, close-up images normally requires a DSLR camera with an expensive lens, but this lens attachment makes it much more affordable.

LG Rolls Out Voice-Controlled TVs With a Magic Remote

Being first to the market is always important, and LG's voice-controlled remote control is officially out of the gate.


Solar Energy Reaches a New Efficiency Record

Scientists produced a solar cell that achieves a higher rate of energy efficiency than any that came before it, but political issues could drive up costs.

Netbook Robot Lets You Be In Two Places At Once

Xaxxon Technologies is developing a unique robot that operates on a notebook and connects via Internet directly to your tablet (or PC hardware) of choice.

Portal 2 Science Kit Has Talking, Evil Potato GLaDOS

Even though you'll need to pay for your own potato, this Portal 2-themed science kit is a great way to teach kids about evil artificial intelligence and electrolytes.

Even Satellites, Google Maps Can't See Anything in North Korea

With the death of dictator Kim Jong Il, the science community highlights a reflective look at North Korea though satellite imagery.

That's No Earthquake, It's Just Another Foo Fighters Concert

Apparently, New Zealand fans love the Foo Fighters so much that it registers on seismic warning systems. Read on to find out what we mean.


Sony's Tablet S Update Just Made Your Old PlayStation Obsolete

Console gaming just seems to get more and more portable by the day, and this tablet update might finally give you a reason to permanently shelve one of your systems.

Tron Surfing Suit Looks Perfect For Nighttime Beach Trips

Neon-lit clothing and water sports aren't two things that generally mix, but these surfers look right at home in their Tron-like gear.

Heavy Metal Christmas Lights Show Would Make Slayer Proud

Showcasing some incredibly detailed animation and syncing, this heavy metal fan's Christmas decorations probably put the rest of the neighborhood to shame.

Origami iPhone Dock Will Save You Money as Long as Paper Exists

Rather than shell out tens to hundreds of dollars for smartphone docks, this origami design will teach you how to make them from scratch.

Touchscreen Vending Machine Can Remember Your Face, Your Drink

Picking out your favorite beverage can get a lot more high-tech, as this concept design shows how vending machines can guess what you want to drink.