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U.S. Navy Testing Shiny New 32-Megajoule Railgun Prototype

The United States Navy has finally been delivered an industry-grade electromagnetic railgun prototype, taking weaponized combat one more step into the future.

New Super-Earth Discovered Just 22 Light Years Away

Astronomers have discovered a relatively close planet in our galaxy, a new super-Earth that has just the right climate to support life.

Robots Learn How to Play Catch With Soulless, Mechanical Precision

German Aerospace Center's robotics division successfully created a "pitching" counterpart to their "catching" robot, capturing the results on film.

This Tiny Electric Bike Delivers 80 Miles of Efficient, Eco-Friendly Travel

Although it's a bit smaller than a normal bicycle, this box-shaped gadget can do road trips at a whopping 35 miles per hour.

Juicebox Could Be Your At-The-Bar Smartphone Charger of the Future

Prototype credit card-operated charging systems are currently being tested in New York bars, so you can one day free your smartphone from wall sockets.

Hacked PS3 Firmware Busts PS Vita Remote Play Wide Open

Jailbreakers are hard at work trying to free up the PS Vita's gaming options, while this latest hack makes several PS3 games portable from the get-go.

Star Wars Uncut: Director's Cut Now Streaming, Best Lucas Film Since 1983

At long last, the ambitious fan-made remake of the original Star Wars film is streaming online, watchable with nothing more than a stable Internet connection.


NES PC Mod Combines Nintendo Power With Computer Tech

Although this impressively made mod project looks like a Nintendo Entertainment System on the outside, it's all PC on the inside.

Futuristic iPhone Car Stereo Fits Almost Any Vehicle

Using your phone while driving is generally against the law, but this smartphone car stereo makes things a little bit easier.

How to Jailbreak Your iPhone 4S and iPad 2 via Absinthe A5

If you're looking for an easy way to untether your iPhone 4S or iPad 2, an elite hacker dream team has just released Absinthe A5.

Enough Waiting, Here's How to Make Your Own Windows 8 Tablet

If you're a developer with access to the Windows 8 preview and an old laptop, making a test kit tablet only takes a few simple steps.

Weather Sensors Turned This House Into a Giant Synth Box

Listening to nighttime white noise or the morning radio is old hat, as audio innovator Quintron showcases a house that makes music out of weather patterns.

Do-It-Yourself SOPA Kit Lets You Fight Piracy, Annoy Others

Projecteer Eric Calisto brings up a few new ideas to battling piracy via Kickstarter, with various (ironic) non-digital methods you can use in the real world.

Finally, An iPhone Case With a Built-In Virtual Keyboard

Celluon introduces an expansion on their Magic Cube technology with a new iPhone case and built-in laser projection keyboard.

Researchers Harnessing the Power of Cyborg Cockroaches

Experiments at Case Western Reserve University aim to harvest energy from one of nature's hardiest insects, thanks to some unique chemistry.