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PSN Update TOS Protects Sony from Lawsuits

In the wake of criticism over its network hack and outage, Sony tries to avoid class-action litigation by users in future situations.

Star Trek Online Goes Free

Considering that the Federation doesn't use money, it seems somewhat fitting that Star Trek Online is going towards the free-to-play model later this year.

The 15 Best iPad Games

Some tough decisions were made, but we have a new list of the top 15 iPad games, including the likes of Fruit Ninja HD, Rage HD, and Sworcery. Did your favorite make the cut?

Sony's Bringing These 50 PS3/PlayStation Vita Games to the Tokyo Game Show

Sony's going to be pretty busy at the Tokyo Game Show this year.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Launches Online

Pokemon fans can now register, get their free pack, and start challenging other players around the world.

PS3 Price Cut Leads to 400 Percent Sales Jump on Amazon

News of the $50 price cut for the 160GB PlayStation 3 has indeed spurred a rash of impulse buyers, as Amazon's video games section is currently seeing a huge...

The 15 Best iPhone Games

Tiny Tower, Cut the Rope, Infinity Blade, Rage HD, Dead Space, and more join our revamped list of the top 15 iPhone games. Did your favorite make the cut?

Facebook Answers Google+ Games by Revamping its Own

It's the battle of the network games, as Facebook overhauls its game offerings a day after Google launches games on its social networking site.

Xbox Live Goes Offline Briefly

No hackers, but no launch of the Xbox Live's cloud service, either, as gamers deal with a brief outage of Microsoft's service.

The 10 Best Nintendo 3DS Games

Microsoft: Xbox 360 'Halfway' Through Lifecycle

It looks like Microsoft is going to be supporting the Xbox 360 until 2016 or so, as Xbox EMEA Vice President Chris Lewis says that the Kinect has revitalized interest in the aging console.

Job Posting Reveals 'Games on Google'

A posting on Google Jobs indicates that the multi-billion company is starting up a new social gaming branch.

Bronx Mother Fatally Beats Son Over Wii

A Bronx mother has been charged with the murder of her five-year-old son, whom she beat after he broke the television while playing Nintendo Wii.