Google Android Phones to Get PlayStation Games Store

Smartphones and tablet PCs running Google Android 2.3 and late versions will get access to a PlayStation Store, as well as the 'PlayStation Suite.'


Struggling Wikipedia Sheds Thousands of Editors

An academic researcher questions the site's viability, but Wikipedia defends its policies.

Nokia N900 Launch Delayed

High demand is forcing users to wait for the Maemo 5 handset.


Another Semantic Search Engine Enters Fray

Yebol launches with search functions that promise "human-like" results and categories for millions of terms.

Privacy Lobby Slams Google Latitude

Google Latitude, which uses GPS to allow you to track people from your mobile phone of desktop PC, is under fire from privacy advocates.

UK Kids Prefer Computers to TVs

Study suggests average child spends almost 6 hours per day in front of PC and TV combined.

Norton 360 V3.0 Beta Available for Download

Symantec Tuesday announced the availability of the public beta of Norton 360 version 3.0.

PDF Malware Hits Acrobat Reader Flaw

PC Tools is reporting an increase in PDF-based malware, some of which can evade antivirus software.

Asus Announces Ten-Inch Eee PC 1002HA

Asus this week announced yet another Asus Eee PC laptop: the Asus Eee PC 1002HA.