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Cutting the Cord: How to Ditch Your Cable Company

TV programming no longer belongs solely to cable companies, but viewing the shows you want online can still be difficult. Here are some tips to get your favorite programs more quickly.


Software That Does It All

Edit your photos, organize your finances, access your computer remotely, and do even more with these essential software packages and Web apps--a mix of established favorites and indispensable up-and-comers.


Springpad's free Web service lets you add notes, links, photos, videos, and files to your online "box of stuff."

You Need a Budget

YNAB teaches you to use a budget and helps you keep to it.

Better Explorer

Also known as BExplorer, this open-source freebie makes your Windows 7 PC manage files like it's in Windows 8.

Get Online or In-Person Help With Your To-Do List

The TaskRabbit website can help you hire reliable local or virtual helpers to handle all of the stuff you can’t finish by yourself.

Find the Perfect Apps for Your Phone

With so many apps to choose from, it’s easy to download a stinker. Here’s how to locate the best apps for your needs.