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Logitech's Cube is Tiny and Capable

The tiny mouse fits in your pocket and is also a PowerPoint presenter.

WiGig Alliance President Ali Sadri Talks about the Future of Connectivity

Wirelessly Transmitting large amounts of data between devices is going to get easier, but not until 2013. Ali Sadri of the WiGig Alliance explains.

Wi3 and Homeplug Want to Connect Your Home in 2012

As Internet connectivity becomes more of a necessity than a luxury, companies are looking for ways to make the wires in your house more useful.

Microsoft's Steve Ballmer Talks Windows 8 at CES

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made some exciting announcements regarding Windows 8 and Kinect at the CES keynote speech on Monday night.

Tech Trends You'll See in 2012

From data-only cell phone plans to HTML 5, these ten advancements are ready to go mainstream in the year to come.

Should Your Phone Be Your Cash Card?

Near Field Communication lets you pay at the register with a tap of your phone. But is the system safe—or necessary?

Group Video Chat Showdown: Google Hangouts and AnyMeeting Come Out on Top

Hangouts and AnyMeeting both have free and elegant chat interfaces. Depending on what you’re looking for, however, other services might suit you better.

Sprint Product Chief Touts “Open” Approach to Voice, Apps, NFC

Sprint updates developers on its 2012 plans for phone and tablet technologies.

Stay Healthy With These Useful Sites

With the help of new or expanded online services such as Earndit and Livestrong, you can get in shape and watch your diet.

38 Incredibly Useful Sites

If you haven’t tried underappreciated online services such as Earndit, PageOnce, and Rdio, you’re missing out on some of the Web’s handiest sites for managing your money, your health, your music, and more.

Put Your Finances in Order on the Web

Managing your bills through an online syncing service such as Manilla or Pageonce is a great idea--you get payment reminders, and you won’t ever lose a bill again. But you don’t need more than one of these services. So which one is best for you?

Stream and Share Music for Free Online

Both Rdio and Turntable are relatively new, and will let you stream music without buying individual songs or listening to commercials. But which one is better?

Save on Travel With These Useful Sites

If you want to see the world without spending a fortune, these sites--including Airfarewatchdog and Google Flights--will help.

Go Back to School on the Web

Education is expensive--unless you use a free independent-learning site such as Khan Academy or Open Yale Courses on your free time. But if your spare time is limited, you’ll want to choose one academic site that’s best for you.

Raise Funds for Your Company or Project Online

Have a great business plan or creative concept, but no capital? These websites will help you raise the money you need to get your idea off the ground.