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Router Tips to Make Your Wireless Faster

Most everyone has a router, but not everyone knows how to make it work better. Here are some tips and tricks to get a little extra oomph out of the least sexy piece of tech you own.

New Router Array Brings More Wi-Fi to High-Traffic Areas

Customers have more mobile devices than ever, and supporting their bandwidth needs will be key to any business owner’s success.

FAQ: Your Right to Phone Service During a Protest

Can telecommunications companies ever shut off your phone service? Can your carrier listen in on your calls? We put together an easy guide so that you know what to expect.

Google Wallet: A Hands-On in the Real World

Google's latest app debuts today on the Sprint Nexus S 4G, letting customers pay for items with a tap of their phone--but some parts of the tap-to-pay experience still need to be smoothed out.

Why Is Windows Phone 7 Winning Over Some Indie App Developers?

Microsoft’s mobile platform is still struggling to keep up with iOS and Android--but for some independent developers, Windows Phone 7 is a perfect fit.

Wireless Data Caps: Will They Really Cost You More?

Most major wireless carriers have instated a tiered pricing structure for doling out data; and though this change won't affect most users now, it will when users' phones get nicer.

The Last Time Apple Was Without Jobs

Investors and Apple fans hope that Jobs's departure as CEO won't prompt the kind of slump that happened the last time he left.

Best Free Entertainment and Social Media Apps

Use these eight handy downloads to streamline how you handle photos, movies, and music on your PC and to optimize sharing content over social media. They're all free!

Best Free Connectivity and Productivity Apps

Expand your network capabilities and enhance your document control with these 11 outstanding (and free) downloads.

Best Free Utilities and Security Apps

Here are nine great no-cost programs designed to make your PC run more efficiently and safely.

App Makers May Be Exposing Your Sensitive Data to Hackers

Researchers have found that certain apps are storing sensitive data--like passwords, email, and credit card numbers--in plain text on your phone’s memory, easily within the reach of hackers.