China's OPhone to Find Its Way to US as Android+

China's OPhone OS will soon find its way to the US as Android+.


Former Google Exec Mentors Chinese Startups

Kai-Fu Lee, the former head of Google China, is now an investor and mentor for Chinese startups.

RIM Too Busy to Work With China Unicom, Exec Says

RIM is too busy to work with China Unicom, as company's hands are full working with other operators, exec says.


RIM Joint Venture to Invest $100M in China's Mobile Industry

RIM and a Chinese venture capital fund have set up a $100 million fund to invest in Chinese companies.


Acer Turns Its Attention to the Living Room With

Acer introduced its home networking system and showed off prototypes for its upcoming Revo consumer product series.

Acer Shows off Android-powered Stream Handset

Acer offered a preview off its upcoming Stream smartphone on Thursday.


Acer Looks to Founder to Tap Chinese Market

Acer joined forces with Founder to boost its share of China's PC market.

Acer Makes Handheld Push With New E-reader, Android Tablet

Acer showed off a prototype tablet device and an e-reader at a press conference in Beijing on Thursday.