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Melanie Pinola is a freelance writer covering all things tech-related. A former IT admin and occasional web developer, she is also the author of LinkedIn in 30 Minutes, a Lifehacker writer, and the Mobile Office Technology expert at

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Train your Gmail to jog your memory in the new year

If you've got email overload (and who doesn't?) this Gmail trick provides a tickler for important messages and tasks.

How to check for hackers

Microsoft offers a quick way to check for possible intrusions to your accounts with its services.


MiseryMap tracks weather, flight delays in real time

This site offers real-time reports on travel delays at a glance, and could come in handy over the holidays.

Top 5 annoying profile photos and how to fix them

These avatars and photos annoy the heck out of everyone else; consider these alternatives if this description sounds like you.

How to stretch Microsoft's Office 2013 free trial offer

This trick extends Microsoft's free 30-day trial period for Office 2013 up to five more times.


Are password managers safe from the NSA surveillance?

With all the disclosures about PRISM and decryption by government agencies, we wonder whether the NSA force password management app developers to give up your data.


Where do people get those terrible passwords?

A Google survey reveals most of us are still quite unimaginative (and not secure) with our choice of passwords.

one today

Google's One Day Charity app released for all on Android

The Google app that makes it easy to contribute regularly to a broad selection of nonprofit services has emerged from its invitation-only status and is available for all Android users.

Budget tablet market to boom this holiday season

Google could leave shoppers with a decision as to whether trade-offs on features and specs are worth the discount

Samsung patches remote wipe vulnerability on Galaxy S III

Samsung is urging Galaxy S III owners to download an over-the-air update


Barnes & Noble unveils Nook Video Service to challenge Amazon Instant Video

Barnes and Noble announced on Tuesday a Nook video-on-demand service coming this fall with content from major TV and movie studios, including HBO, Sony, Warner Brothers, Viacom, and Disney.

FixYa outs top user gripes about Ultrabooks and the MacBook Air

FixYa's new Ultrabook Report shows what users hate about thin, light laptops.

Tablets might actually be increasing PC customer satisfaction

According to a just-released report by the American Consumer Satisfaction Index, customer satisfaction among PC users has reached a two-year high.

Ballmer quotes Microsoft Surface pricing: $300 to $800

Microsoft's top dog alludes to grossly broad price range, and the mythical $199 isn't included.

Microsoft battles botnet pre-installed on systems

A batch of factory-fresh PCs from China are bearing malware, and some infected models have made it into the U.S.