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Vizio Officially Announces All-in-One PC, New Laptops, and 10-inch Tablet

Vizio officially branched out into the PC market, with announcements of its new all-in-one PC and two new laptops.

Toshiba Readies 'Thinnest and Lightest' Tablet, Laptop for CES

Mobile devices slim down by cutting out some expansion options in the entries expected to debut next week.

MSI Launches Souped Up GT685 Gaming Laptop

This 15.6-inch laptop features top-of-the-line hardware, including the Nvidia GeForce GTX 580M graphics card.

Samsung Series 5 Ultrabooks Get Pre-Order Pricing Starting at $900

Samsung's new Series 5 was briefly available for pre-order from J&R revealing pricing information for the Ultrabook.

Asus Transformer Prime to Get Ice Cream Sandwich Update and Bootloader Unlock Tool

Asus bows to consumer presser on the bootloader; over-the-air updates to Android 4.0 for the Transformer Prime will start on January 12.

U-Book Dual-Screen Laptop to Launch at CES 2012

NajmTek's inaugural product supports dual screens as well as multiple keyboards, for easy switching between alphabets.

Intel Ivy Bridge Chips Launching Early April 2012

A new report says we'll see Intel's Ivy Bridge generation of processors in April.

Intel's Mobile Chip 'Medfield' Specs and Benchmarks Leaked

According to leaked benchmark stats, it looks like Intel's new system-on-chip will be pretty speedy.

Razer Delays Gaming Laptop -- But Sweetens Release

Gamers get good news along with delayed shipment: Razer Blade gaming laptop can get SSD and a snazzy mouse for free.

LogMeIn Goes Free With iOS App for iPad and iPhone Remote Desktop Access

LogMeIn has ditched the $29.99 price for its basic iPhone and iPad remote access app and is now offering it for free under the simple name 'LogMeIn.'

Acer to Launch 15-inch Ultrabook for $699

Acer may be looking toward larger screens for its thin-and-light Ultrabook line.

Archos Announces Sub-$200 Android Honeycomb Tablet

The Archos 70b is just $199.99, and it runs Android 3.2.

Nexus Tablet Expected Within 6 Months

Google guns for Apple with high quality tablet, voice recognition rival, and more, Schmidt teases.

Dell Abandons Netbooks in Favor of Ultrabooks

Dell’s 10-inch Mini netbooks have disappeared from sale online, and shoppers are instead offered the likes of an Inspiron or a Latitude.

LG TVs Will Come With Built-In WiDi for Easy HD Media Streaming

LG and Intel have formed a partnership to bring built-in WiDi technology to HDTVs.