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Ultrabooks to Get PayPass Tech for Tap-and-Pay on Your Laptop

Intel and MasterCard have joined forces to bring mobile payments to laptops.

CES 2012 Gadget Preview

HP Launches Its First Ultrabook, the $900 HP Folio

HP‘s first ultrabook, a 13.3-inch super-thin laptop dubbed the HP Folio, officially joined the ultrabook fray.

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Hits $250 on Black Friday at Best Buy

Leaked ads reveal bargain prices for the Transformer TF101 and accessories, as tablet prices continue to drop.

Toshiba Ultrabook Laptop Heading to Best Buy for $899

Toshiba’s Ultrabook joins the Acer Aspire S3 in being the most affordable of Intel’s new category of thin-and-light laptops.

Buy an HP Laptop at Wal-Mart, Get a TouchPad for $149

The deal is even sweeter for developers, who can snag two 32GB TouchPads for $150 each without have to buy a PC too.

Laptop Stolen from Checked Bag, Recovered on Craigslist

Ambre Boroughs made a mistake when she checked her laptop bag. Luckily, her Craigslist detective work quickly recovered it.

One Laptop Per Child Plans to Throw Tablets Out of Helicopters

One Laptop Per Child has a bizarre distribution plan: it will hurl tablets out of helicopters, into remote villages, for children to just pick up and start using.

Speech Recognition Through the Decades: How We Ended Up With Siri

People are impressed with the iPhone 4S's Siri, but how did such sophisticated speech recognition technology come to be? It started back in the 1950s.

"Like" the Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook? If So, You Could Win One on Facebook

Acer is giving away an Ultrabook a day on its giveaway Facebook page. "Like" the page to enter the contest.

Dell XPS 14z Thin and Light Laptop Now Available for $1000

Dell's thin, light, MacBook Pro competitor is now available for purchase.

Laptop Suspected Source in Blaze: Fire Officials Advise Caution With Laptop Chargers

A fire captain is warning users to keep their charging laptops and other electronics off beds and sofas.

Prices Going Up on Laptops and Hard Drives, Thanks to Flooding in Thailand

Hard drive manufacturers have been forced to shut down factories in Thailand, resulting in a shortage of HDDs. Laptop makers are responding accordingly.