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Summer Tech Gear Blowout

Dell XPS 14 and XPS 15 Ultrabooks Specs Leaked, Report Claims

If what we know is true, it looks like Dell’s XPS Ultrabooks will be competing on solid specs and performance, rather than low prices.

Affordable Intel Ivy Bridge Core i3 Processors Coming in Late June

By the time back-to-school shopping begins, we should have our pick of budget Ivy Bridge laptops and desktops.

Ultraslim Ultrabook Laptops Get Cheaper

Prices on new versions of slim Ultrabooks get closer to the prices of standard laptops.

Windows 8 Hybrid Laptop-Tablets Take Center Stage at Computex

The first laptops out of the gate at one of Asia's largest tech shows are Windows 8 tablets with detachable docks from Asus and Acer.

Intel Intros Dual-Core Ivy Bridge Chips; Releases Sneak Peek of Upcoming Ultrabooks

The chipmaker also ramps up the standards for Ultrabooks.

Google Nexus 7 Tablet Shows Up on Benchmark Site

The name disclosed on the Righware site, “Google Asus Nexus 7,” suggests this will be a 7-inch tablet manufactured by Asus for Google.

Samsung Refreshes Series 5 Chromebook, Announces Chromebox Desktop PC

Samsung has refreshed its Series 5 Chromebook and announced the Chromebox, a desktop PC that runs Google's Chrome OS.

Mystery Dell XPS 14 Laptop Packs High-End Features in Ultrabook Form

An unannounced 14-inch Ultrabook has popped up on Amazon.

Asus Zenbook Prime Ultrabook vs. The Rest: Spec Showdown

Acer has updated its Zenbook Ultrabooks with new processors, screen options, and graphics cards, but how do the new models compare with the rest of the market?

Microsoft Renews Free Xbox 360 with Purchase of Windows PC Deal

Microsoft is repeating its buy a Windows PC and get a free Xbox game console deal it offered last fall for students.

AMD's Trinity Processor vs. Intel's Ivy Bridge

How do AMD's next-generation A-Series processors match up against Intel's latest Ivy Bridge chips?

Why Ultrabook Laptops Aren't Just MacBook Air Clones

Sleek silver Ultrabooks arriving from major PC manufacturers aren't just Apple Macbook Air clones. Some of them even have options that Apple's laptop doesn't offer. Here's a guide.

Lenovo Launches Fleet of New Ivy Bridge ThinkPads and IdeaPads

The details on Lenovo's new line of ThinkPads and IdeaPads.

Lenovo to Add New Windows 8 Tablet-Laptop Hybrids to its ThinkPad Line

The hybrid laptops will be similar to the convertible, flippable Leonovo IdeaPad Yoga.