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Best E-Readers for Students

Why limit your reading to physical textbooks or a PC? Consider one of these e-readers for the upcoming school year.

Lenovo IdeaPad K1 Tablet Review: Rising Above the Android Tablet Fray

Lenovo’s first tablet has an appealing design and some unique and useful customizations to Android that distinguish it from the crowd.


The E-Readers of Summer: An Overview

You don't have to do all of your reading on a physical book or on a PC. Here's a look at the latest e-reader models.

Best E-Readers

Not all of your reading has to be done with a physical textbook or on a PC.

Borders Will Be Liquidated, Kobo To Continue Without Interruption

Borders, a minority investor in Kobo Books, will be shutting down all stores.


Sony's S1 and S2 Innovative Android Tablets: Detailed Look

Here is an up-close peek at Sony’s innovative S1 and S2 tablets for sale later this year.


Toshiba Thrive Review: A Tablet Edges Closer to the Ideal

The Thrive from Toshiba is the first tablet to fully harness the interoperable power of Android, but it falls short in some key design points.

Report: Amazon Tablet Set to Battle iPad in Fall

The contest between Apple's iPad and Amazon's entry should be the biggest gadget face-off of the year.


iRiver Story HD Review: First E-Reader Tied to Google's eBookstore Sometimes Frustrates

This e-reader offers a crisp, high-resolution display, but its chintzy design leaves much to be desired.


Hands On With the Cisco Cius Tablet

Cisco aims to transform how you work and collaborate with its new tablet, the Cius.

Tested: HP TouchPad Printing

HP promised easy printing with the HP TouchPad. We put the tablet through our tests to see how it handles output.

HP TouchPad: Six Disappointments

WebOS brims with potential, but HP’s first tablet stumbles out of the gate. Here’s why.

HP TouchPad Review: Not Ready for the Tablet Big Leagues

The first WebOS tablet gets some things right, but stumbles more than it succeeds.

Tablet Showdown

We looked at the latest challengers to Apple’s iPad 2, and found some worthy contenders. Which tablet came out on top?