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Melissa lives the tech-driven life she writes about. She's always on the hunt for the next gadget that will wow us with its design.

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Review: A Tablet That Means Business

Ports and software distinguish this tablet, which holds appeal for nonbusiness users, too.

Why Windows 8 on ARM Matters

How system-on-chip designs may change mobile computing.

Windows 8 on ARM Processors: Three Working Tablet Demos

Nvidia, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments all showed working tablet prototypes at the BUILD Windows 8 conference. When do consumers get to vote?

Windows 8 Will Natively Support USB 3.0 and Mobile Broadband Modems

In addition to adding new drivers, the new OS changes the way they look and behave.

Windows 8 Tablet: Hands On

The first Windows 8 tablet, the Samsung 700T, arrives--at least for developers. What can we learn from it?

Tablet Wars: Will Windows 8 Give Microsoft the Edge Over Google and Apple?

Microsoft's new operating system has the makings of a solid competitor, but much work lies ahead for Windows 8 tablets if they are to overtake iOS and Android offerings.

Why We Need Windows 8 Tablets

Amidst the cacophony of mobile operating systems powering tablets, here's why we look forward to the potential of running Windows on a tablet.

Toshiba Introduces AT200, a Slimmer Android Tablet

New model shown off, but no U.S. release info as yet.

Lenovo IdeaPad Tablet A1, a $199 Bargain

With its low price, high-resolution 7-inch display, and a GPS that doesn’t need a data connection, Lenovo’s IdeaPad Tablet A1 remakes the future of tablets.

Samsung Unveils Galaxy Tab 7.7 Android Honeycomb Tablet

New 7-inch Honeycomb tablet is first with a high-resolution Super AMOLED Plus display.

Sony Tablet S Review: A Tablet That Goes Beyond Basics

Sony is fashionably late to the Android tablet party--but its gamble may just pay off.

Hands On With Sony’s Lightweight, Low-Cost Reader Wi-Fi PRS-T1

New pricing, design, and capabilities bring Sony's new e-reader in line with, and ahead of, its competition.