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5 Features That Shouldn’t Die With the HP TouchPad and WebOS

Even the disappointing TouchPad tablet had a few positives, and some of them showcased the abilities of WebOS.

Fusion Garage Unveils Android-Compatible Grid10 Tablet

Analysis: A company rises from the ashes to take its second stab at a tablet, this time with its own Grid mobile operating system.

Acer Iconia Tab A100 Reinvents 7-Inch Tablets

Crammed with ports, this stylishly designed tablet is the first to ship with Android 3.2. We get a chance to play with it.

Are Seven-Inch Tablets the New Sweet Spot for Tablet Buyers?

Acer and HP are set to swell the ranks of 7-inch tablets with new offerings. Compact versions may be the next tablet battleground.

Tests Show HP TouchPad Update Falls Short

HP's first major firmware update does little to improve the overall performance and usability of the TouchPad.