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Melissa lives the tech-driven life she writes about. She's always on the hunt for the next gadget that will wow us with its design.

Hands On With the Cisco Cius Tablet

Cisco aims to transform how you work and collaborate with its new tablet, the Cius.

Tested: HP TouchPad Printing

HP promised easy printing with the HP TouchPad. We put the tablet through our tests to see how it handles output.

HP TouchPad: Six Disappointments

WebOS brims with potential, but HP’s first tablet stumbles out of the gate. Here’s why.

HP TouchPad Review: Not Ready for the Tablet Big Leagues

The first WebOS tablet gets some things right, but stumbles more than it succeeds.

Tablet Showdown

We looked at the latest challengers to Apple’s iPad 2, and found some worthy contenders. Which tablet came out on top?

Testing Tablet Displays and The Future of Digital Photography On PCWorld Podcast #118

We talk the dark side of tablet displays and the potential for Lytro's "light field" digital camera technology to revolutionize digital photography in this week's episode of the PCWorld Podcast.

Apple iPad 2 Display Ranks the Best in Face-Off Against Android Hordes

Testing shows that the Apple iPad 2 surpasses other contenders in display quality, but it still has room for improvement.

G-Tech G-Connect Provides Wireless Portable Storage and Network Access Point

New hard drive uses Wi-Fi to connect to tablets, smartphones, and laptops.

What to Look Forward to in the Toshiba Thrive Android Tablet

We go hands-on with Toshiba’s soon-to-ship tablet to tell you why it’s worth your attention.

Panasonic Reveals Ruggedized Android Tablet

Company bolsters its Toughbook line with the latest Android tablet announced for this year.

Kobo eReader Touch Edition: Inexpensive Touchscreen E-Reader Makes Few Concessions

This lightweight e-reader is Kobo's most competitive offering to date.

The Tablet Specs That Matter

You want a tablet that's responsive and looks great. Here's how to find one.

The Storage Specs That Matter

Don't know what "no-touch ramp load technology" is? Don't worry. There are only a few things that are really important when you're choosing a hard drive or NAS device and they're pretty easy to understand.

HP TouchPad Release Date Revealed on Amazon, Later Than Expected

Speculation mounts as we head into the summer of HP's expected TouchPad debut, with snippets on Amazon and OfficeMax indicating a mid-July launch.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi: A Worthy Rival to the iPad 2

Samsung's new flagship tablet distinguishes itself with a svelte design and a bright, albeit oversaturated display.