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Samsung Galaxy Tab Wi-Fi: Similar Hardware, Lower Price

With a few software and hardware tweaks and an appealing price, Samsung’s Wi-Fi-only Galaxy Tab should appeal to anyone who wants a 7-inch Android tablet with no pesky service contracts attached.

Sony Tablet: Smart Move, Good Timing

Here’s why Sony may score with its tablet, due out in the fall.


Which Tablet Is Best for You?

See what the BlackBerry PlayBook, HP TouchPad, Motorola Xoom, and Samsung Galaxy Tab have that Apple’s iPad doesn’t.

Nook Color E-Reader Transforms Into a Great Android Tablet

A long-awaited update brings apps, better Web browsing, and e-mail to Barnes & Noble’s tablet and e-reader and its $249 price makes it a great value.


Acer Iconia Tab A500: Android Tablet Impresses, But Still Misses its Mark

This Android 3.0 tablet’s versatility and multimedia power are strengths; however, its display is foremost among the issues that hold it back.


T-Mobile G-Slate: A Modestly Sized Android 3.0 Tablet, With a Price to Match

A versatile size and 3D video capture add to this tablet's appeal, but poor speakers and a high no-contract price limit its reach.

T-Mobile's G-Slate Tablet: First Impressions

This Android tablet’s 8.9-inch screen makes it easy to hold.

Inside the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet: A Visual Tour

Get a peek at the fresh-looking interface of RIM's highly anticipated first tablet, the BlackBerry PlayBook.


RIM BlackBerry PlayBook: A Promising Tablet, but With Many Rough Edges

This svelte tablet hits the right notes in many areas, but it stumbles on some basics, and some core features aren’t ready yet.


Iomega SuperHero Achieves Superhero-Size Syncing Feats

iPhone dock and sync station works wonders for syncing contacts and photos.


Acer Iconia Tab A500 Now Available for Preorder

Best Buy will sell Acer's first tablet to hit the U.S. starting April 24.


Galaxy Tab Price Falls, But Don't Expect a Tablet Price War--Yet

Sprint and Verizon slash the cost of a Samsung Galaxy Tab after it's been for sale for barely six months.


Intel 320 Series SSD Boosts Capacity, Drops Cost

Test results for Intel 320 Series SSD show the third-generation drive benefits from new controller, adding reliability, security, and speed.

5 Questions About Android on Blackberry's PlayBook Tablet

RIM's Blackberry PlayBook will run Android apps. Which? When? And what does it all mean?


It's Official: RIM to Support Android Apps, More on BlackBerry PlayBook

Move by RIM makes BlackBerry PlayBook's scope and app potential infinitely more appealing.