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Apple iPad 2 an Evolutionary Upgrade That Maintains Apple's Tablet Lead

New tablet solidifies Apple’s lead over its Android competitors. The introduction of new media-oriented apps makes the iPad a more capable PC replacement.


A Thinner, Faster iPad 2 Ships March 11

The next iPad will have a dual-core processor, an up to two-times faster CPU, with up to nine-times faster graphics. Pricing starts at $499. iPad 2 also will be one-third thinner than iPad 1 and will sport built-in front and rear-facing cameras and an iOS 4.3 update.


Up Close With Google's Android 3.0 Honeycomb

We take you on a visual tour of the new Honeycomb interface, including the Web browser, image gallery, music player, and Google Books.


Six Things I Love About Google's Android 3.0

Honeycomb has the chops to compete head-to-head with Apple's iOS. Here are six notable ways in which Google's interface team has improved Android.


Intel Thunderbolt Bolts Through Data Transfers

New technology--which debuts in Apple's new MacBook Pros--promises to significantly speed up data transfers.

Motorola Xoom: First Android 3.0 Tablet Impresses, but Drawbacks Remain

The Xoom is well-conceived and well-constructed, but some rough edges, a middling display, and a high price may deter early adopters.


Tablet Fever Rages at MWC

Several major trends emerged at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Here’s what lies ahead for tablets.


Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 Set To Stand Out

As the tablet field gets more crowded, it's going to be the details that set devices apart.


HP TouchPad: Has HP Done Enough to Compete With Apple and Android?

Judging by what we're seeing from HP’s WebOS strategy, the company is on the right path to making its mark in the tablet universe.


Up Close With HP's TouchPad and WebOS

Join us on a visual tour of WebOS on the new HP TouchPad tablet.

Windows 7 Tablets: Now or Never

Does Windows 7 have a future on consumer tablets? Based on the angle that PC manufacturers seem to be taking, the outlook appears grim.


The Pitfalls of E-Book Buying: What to Look Out for Before You Purchase

Easy downloads and convenient storage are the chief lures of a virtual library, but ownership has some irritating downsides that require your attention before you hit the e-book purchase button.


CRU DataPort ToughTech Duo: Data Mirroring on the Go

Nifty, compact dual-bay hard drive provides RAID functions in a portable package.

HP TouchPad Tablet Unveiled

After much anticipation, HP shows off its first tablet using the WebOS operating system--and reveals its plans for WebOS on PCs and printers, too.

Google Android 3.0 and Motorola Xoom: Hands-On, and Awesome

The Motorola Xoom, the only tablet currently being shown with Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) running on it, will have a clear time advantage over its competition.