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Windows 7 Tablets: Now or Never

Does Windows 7 have a future on consumer tablets? Based on the angle that PC manufacturers seem to be taking, the outlook appears grim.


The Pitfalls of E-Book Buying: What to Look Out for Before You Purchase

Easy downloads and convenient storage are the chief lures of a virtual library, but ownership has some irritating downsides that require your attention before you hit the e-book purchase button.


CRU DataPort ToughTech Duo: Data Mirroring on the Go

Nifty, compact dual-bay hard drive provides RAID functions in a portable package.

HP TouchPad Tablet Unveiled

After much anticipation, HP shows off its first tablet using the WebOS operating system--and reveals its plans for WebOS on PCs and printers, too.

Google Android 3.0 and Motorola Xoom: Hands-On, and Awesome

The Motorola Xoom, the only tablet currently being shown with Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) running on it, will have a clear time advantage over its competition.


Google Spills the Details on Tablet OS, Honeycomb

Completely redesigned interface, new developer controls highlight a more user-friendly Android that’s optimized for tablets.


Dell Streak 7: Solid Design, Mediocre Display

This Android-based tablet sports an elegant design, but it disappoints in many other areas.


Dell Streak 7 Gets Aggressive Pricing, Imminent Release

T-Mobile reveals its plans for its first HSPA+-capable Android tablet.


Amazon Kindle Book Sales Soar

Online retailer reports sales of its digital e-books has outstripped those of traditional paperbacks.


Today's Best GPS Devices

GPS navigation devices can make trips easier, but shopping for one can be a headache. We offer some pointers on what to look for.

Swiftpoint Mouse Offers Easy Scrolling

The Swiftpoint Mouse boasts an innovative design and one of the most versatile scrolling mechanisms we've seen, but the required finger position--similar to the grip of a pen--may be uncomfortable for long-term use.

Tablet Revolution Reality Check

Analysis: We've seen a lot of tablets introduced recently, but let's step back a moment and ponder what's really happening here as tablets move into the mainstream.


Fujitsu Shows Windows 7-based Tablet

The company is planning to expand tablet offerings in 2011, starting with a slate that runs Windows 7 Professional.

CES Tablets: A Revolution in Computing

You'll probably be using a tablet soon. Check out some we saw at CES that caught our attention.

Hands On With the StreamTV Elocity A10

Though still a pre-production model, the Elocity A10 tablet certainly caught our attention.