Microsoft Office 2013, Windows 8 Launch Date, Digital Photography PC, New Games

PCWorld editors discuss the the Microsoft Office 2013 Launch Event, Windows ship dates, building a photography PC and new games.

Microsoft Surface and Windows Phone 8 Events, Youtube Blocks MP3 Transcoding Sites, AMD's New GPU

PCWorld Editors cover all the Microsoft news of the week, plus the new Radeon HD 7970

Live Blog: Windows Phone 8 Details

Windows Phone 8 will support multi-core phones and NFC payments, use Nokia Maps, and share many traits with Windows 8. Join us for a play-by-play from Microsoft's keynote.


Hot Ivy Bridge Chips, GeForce GTX 690, the True Cost of Printers, and Nook News on PCWorld Podcast #137

Are Ivy Bridge chips really hotter than Sandy Bridge? If you buy a cheap printer, will you pay more for ink? Is the new Nook with Glowlight the e-reader to beat?


Quad-Core Phones, Cutting-Edge Tablets Shine at Mobile World Congress 2012

Nvidia's Tegra 3 processors, Mozilla's innovative Boot to Gecko, and megamemory tablets were some of the most interesting things we saw at MWC 2012. But we saw a few bummers, too.


Worst of Mobile World Congress 2012

Tk Tk

Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet Takes on Amazon's Kindle Fire

B&N's; Nook Tablet tops Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet in specs, but costs $50 more.


Cisco Cius Close Up: A Tablet Built for Business

The Cisco Cius is not just another 7-inch Android tablet, but a powerful communication tool targeting businesses.

Barnes & Noble, Amazon Push Ahead With Dedicated E-Readers

Valued for their lower cost and single-function, e-readers continue to hold a niche…for now.


Interesting Tablets of Early 2011

We round up the hot (and not so hot) tablet computers that are being launched or shown off at the big CTIA mobile computing show.


Acer Iconia: A Closer Look

Take a visual tour of Acer's dual-touchscreen portable, and learn about its features.

Entourage eDge: Coolest Textbook Ever

Due out in February, the $490 eDge has a clamshell design that can flip to be used as a book or as tablet, thanks to its dual E-Ink and LCD displays.


Fujitsu FLEPia E-Reader Makes A U.S. Appearance

Let’s get the bad news about Fujitsu’s Flepia out of the way: Right now, it’s only available in Japan. The good news is that Fujitsu is looking into bringing it to the U.S.


DMC Copia E-Readers Have Something For Everyone

With six models across two lines—Ocean and Tidal—the DMC Copia e-readers cover a range of options from 3G to Wi-Fi, with keyboard and without, and of course, large-screen versus pocket.


Light Reading: The Spring Designs Alex E-Reader

In spending some quality time with Spring Designs’ $349 Alex, I came to appreciate much about the company’s approach to an e-reader. It doesn’t have the biggest display, nor the most colorful, but its ability to flow content browsed anywhere on the Web to the e-reader gives this model a unique edge over the competition.