Exclusive First Look: Plug Computer 3.0

The first unit based on Marvell’s Plug Computer 3.0 platform looks bulky, but impressive.

New QNAP Storage Servers Boost Speed

QNAP adds faster CPU to new business-centric network-attached storage.

Blu-ray Players for $300 or Less

As their prices fall, Blu-ray Disc players add streaming media capabilities to their already state-of-the-art high-definition image quality.

Intel Announces More Efficient, Much Cheaper Solid-State Drives

New drives are the first based on Intel’s 34nm NAND flash memory.

Google Chrome OS: Does the World Need Another Operating System?

The concept of an operating system has been turned inside out with the announcement of Chrome OS.

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How Will $99 iPhone Impact Phone, Music Businesses?

Rumors again swirl over the prospect of a $99 iPhone. Here's the potential boon -- and fallout.

Palm Pre: Why I'm on the Fence

The Palm Pre was one of the hottest products at CES this year, but some Palm-watchers are on the fence as to whether this phone is all that it's cracked up to be.

Oddball Gadget: Mattel Mind Flex

Mattel's Mind Flex allows players to control a floating ball with hand, eye, and mind coordination.

Samsung Unveils Connected Blu-ray Home Theater

Samsung continues to emphasize design in its home theater systems, showing slim, sleek systems.

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Samsung Shows Super-Sleek Blu-ray Players

New models offer streaming media playback and impressively slim designs.

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LG Adds to Connected Blu-ray Player Lineup

Two new set-top Blu-ray players and three variations on a home theater system all feature network connectivity.

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Coming to a Wall Near You: GreenTV

LG Electronics ships the first LCD TV Association-approved GreenTV.

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Faster Serial ATA Coming This Year

New storage interface promises a performance boost for hard drives.

Imation Shows Off the Apollo Expert UX

Portable hard drive has thoughtful design.

SanDisk Pushes Solid-State Drives for Netbooks

Second-generation low-to-moderate capacity solid-state drives are designed for the small spaces of netbooks.