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Melissa Aparicio is multimedia correspondent for the IDG News Service, and is based in San Francisco.

Apple's New iPad Stays Comfortably Ahead of the Tablet Pack

Is Apple’s lead insurmountable? Very possibly. We look at what the third-gen iPad brings to the table that the Android tablet competition doesn’t.


Five Must-Haves for the Next iPad

After using tablets of all shapes, sizes, and operating systems, here are the five things that will make Apple’s next iPad a stand-out.

What Windows 8 Means for Tablets

Could Windows 8 tablets deliver the same interface and software as your laptop, and run all day long? Here's a look at the greatest hopes, and the reality we know so far.

Quad-Core Phones, Cutting-Edge Tablets Shine at Mobile World Congress 2012

Nvidia's Tegra 3 processors, Mozilla's innovative Boot to Gecko, and megamemory tablets were some of the most interesting things we saw at MWC 2012. But we saw a few bummers, too.


Lenovo's K2 Tablet: A Hands-On Tour

The tablet felt lightweight and well-balanced and the display looked good for its resolution, with a noticeably minimal air-gap.


Worst of Mobile World Congress 2012

Tk Tk

Microsoft Launches Windows 8 Consumer Preview With Free Apps

Microsoft shows off Windows on ARM and the Microsoft Store at Mobile World Congress, but doesn't discuss Windows 8 for phones or an arrival date for the OS.

Hands-On With Toshiba AT270 Tablet

Toshiba isn't at MWC, but its tablet is.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1: A Hands-On Tour

Samsung's tablet is the most compelling model at the show--largely because of how it does something different, and better, than other comers.


Samsung Shows Off Galaxy Tab 2 Series

The company takes the wraps off its first refresh of its Galaxy Tab series, which comes in 7-inch and 10.1-inch versions. Here's our take on where they fall.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1: First Look

Samsung's Android 4.0 pen-toting tablet is back--bigger and better than before.


Hands On With Huawei's MediaPad 10 FHD

Huawei's new tablet has a slick design, and even slicker specs.


Huawei Ascend D Phone: Hands On

Huawei adds to its line of premium phones with its first quad-core mobile offering, the slim and speedy Ascend D quad and quad XL.


Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4540 Review: Fast, High-Capacity Business Inkjet

Speed, high paper capacity, and inexpensive inks make this full-featured MFP a nice fit for a busy small office or workgroup.

Mobile World Congress: Quad-Core and Windows 8 Expected to Shine

The world's largest mobile-devices show, which starts Monday, should provide updates on quad-core phones and tablets, the consumer version of Microsoft's Windows 8, and much more.