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How to Tell If an Email Is a Phishing Scam

Email phishing scams have grown more sophisticated since they first began popping up in corporate inboxes in the 1990s.

Mobile Malware: Beware Drive-by Downloads on Your Smartphone

Drive-by downloads are coming to your smartphone, and they're harder to detect than traditional PC-based versions. Here's how you can protect yourself, your users and your enterprise from mobile drive-by downloads.

IT Pay: Premiums for IT Skills Drop as IT Departments Reorganize

The premiums companies pay to IT professionals on top of their annual salaries or contract rates to acquire a specific, desired skill have been declining for a year, according to research into IT pay premiums conducted by Foote Partners.

6 Ways to Defend Against Drive-by Downloads

These stealthy downloads are particularly dangerous: As their name suggests, they automatically install software on end users' computers without them knowing.

4 Ways to Prevent Domain Name Hijacking

A company's domain name is one of its most valuable assets, yet businesses do little to protect them from being hijacked. Here are four tips to protect your domain.

Are You at Risk? What Cybercriminals Do With Your Personal Data

According to experts, the most likely security risks for consumers range from the annoying (more spam in their email inboxes) to potentially much more dangerous targeted "phishing" emails.

Time Management: 6 Ways to Improve Your Productivity

If you resolved earlier this month to work smarter, stop procrastinating and be more productive, your best intentions may have quickly been subverted by your regularly scheduled work routine.

8 Practical Techniques for Taming a Bad Boss

Employees don't have to suffer under the tyranny of a bad boss. Management experts say employees possess the power to soften a bad boss's sharp edges. Here are some tips.

6 Hot IT Jobs That Will Pay Well in 2012

Despite ominous predictions about how cloud computing will eviscerate IT departments, 2012 is shaping up to be a great year for IT careers.

Why Law Enforcement Can't Stop Hackers

The threat that criminal hackers pose to corporate and government information systems has spiked in the past five years, according to the FBI, and shows no signs of abating.

How to File an EEOC Employment Discrimination Charge

Many tech professionals over 40 have tales of how age discrimination is rampant in the field.

Social Networks: New Hotbed for Hiring Discrimination Claims

Social networking websites are fast becoming a staple of corporate recruiting.

How to Quit Your Job The Right Way

Given signs that the IT job market is finally thawing, IT professionals are actively searching for better career opportunities. Who can blame them?