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Non-Compete Agreements: What IT Leaders Should Know

IT leaders often have to sign non-compete and non-solicitation agreements when they take new jobs. These contracts can hinder their ability to find a new job when they leave their employer. That's why California's Supreme Court ruled earlier this month that such contracts are illegal.

Take Control of Your Work/Life Balance

In this Q&A, leadership consultant and psychologist Henry Cloud explains why having priorities and setting personal boundaries is so critical to preserving some semblance of work life balance in the era of the 60-hour work week. He also discusses the damaging effects of workaholism.

How Management Metrics Doom IT Projects

A new report from Forrester Research explains how IT project management metrics influence perceptions of failure and describes four specific measures project management offices can take to increase the perception of project success.

Why a Developer Would Never Want To Be a CIO

Sure, CIOs earn lots of money and don't have to worry about their job getting shipped off to India, but they do have to deal with a lot of crap software developers wouldn't ever want to touch. Here are eight reasons why developers would rather stick hot needles in their eyes than become a CIO.

14 Common Project Management Mistakes

Nearly 70 percent of IT projects are dogged by cost-overruns or aren't completed on schedule due to poor planning, poor communication or poor resource allocation. This story assess the impact of the 14 most common project management mistakes and offers ways IT groups can avoid them.

Everyone Works at Home at Chorus, Part Two

In this story, the second of three parts, a small software company establishes work-at-home policies and figures out how to provide remote tech support. Part one focused on the IT infrastructure needed to support telecommuters.

Everyone Works at Home at Chorus, Part One

How a small software company is saving money, reducing employee stress and improving productivity and customer satisfaction by closing its offices and going virtual. The first of three parts.

Growing from Programmer to CEO

Mike Kistner has moved in and out of IT leadership and business operations positions with HFS, Super 8 Motels, Cendant and Best Western. In June 2008, he was promoted from COO of Pegasus Solutions to CEO. Here, Kistner discusses how his career took flight.