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Syncing's not enough: How to back up and restore your Evernote data

Syncs can go awry. Cloud services can go down. Here's how to ensure your notes are there when you need them.

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3 Google Drive add-ons that improve collaboration: Hello Sign, Workflows, DocSecrets

Add e-signatures, automate workflows, and hide sensitive content with these tools.

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How to take control of Dropbox sync

Smooth out speed bumps and save hard drive space with these syncing tips.

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5 ways to add notes to Evernote without typing

Create notes from paper documents, web clippings, and even tweets with these tools.

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4 essential Google Drive add-ons

Add e-signatures to Google Docs, conference with collaborators, and more with these helpers.

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4 Gmail Labs features you should be using

Email can be adventurous! Make your Gmail inbox more productive with experimental add-ons like Undo Send, Canned Responses, and more.

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How to make Dropbox more secure without spending a cent

Most of what you need to defend your data is right inside Dropbox.

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Dispelling the hype swirling around high dynamic range TV

Hollywood loves HDR and so should you. Here's how it's making 4K's future brighter.

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5 Google Docs shortcuts for more efficient editing

Try these time-saving tips for navigating documents, adding links, and more.

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Microsoft OneNote tips: 5 better ways to manage and share data

Try these tricks to protect your data, take more complete meeting notes, and more.

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5 Evernote apps that help you save, remember, and organize data more easily

Try these timesavers: Evernote Clearly, Penultimate, Eidetic, EasilyDo, and Sight.

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How to add music to your Google Slides presentation

Google's presentation app doesn't support audio files, but with these workarounds you can still give your slides a soundtrack.

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5 great Google Drive tips: Keyboard shortcuts, saving options, templates and more

Streamline your workflow with these hidden helpers.

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5 ways to use Note Links, Evernote's secret weapon for getting organized

This powerful organizing tool links related items in Evernote, turning your virtual data dump into neat digital file stacks.

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Online tax filing: The best last-minute options for hopeless procrastinators

No matter how simple or complex your tax situation is, these services can help you meet the deadline.