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The Kwikset Kevo lock opens at your touch

New deadbolt turns your smartphone into a virtual key.

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Intel releases key details of its Atom redesign

The new SoC uses 3D transistors and will be assembled using a 22nm manufacturing process.

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Intel lifts the veil on Haswell graphics

Intel's new CPUs will feature improved graphics—and a new brand at the end of the scale.

The next home-networking revolution will be wired

This is not yesterday's clunky ethernet, nor today's flaky wireless. The new HDBaseT standard uses just one cable for all data and power.

Review: Nexia Home Intelligence system is less than the sum of its parts

Schlage's Nexia Home Intelligence system is a good home-control system, but it's not as strong as Lowes's Iris package, which costs just $1 more per month to operate.

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AMD’s Radeon HD 7990: Not as pricey as you might think

AMD's "Never Settle Reloaded" bundle adds more than $300 in value to a Radeon HD 7990 purchase.

AMD unleashes Radeon HD 7990: A dual-GPU graphics card beast

Based on our hands-on preview, this could be the fastest video card on the planet.

How DisplayPort multi-streaming delivers new levels of multi-monitor madness

DisplayPort 1.2's multi-streaming feature lets you rock four monitors—from a laptop, no less!

Toshiba's "Retina-like" Kirabook limited to 1080p video output

Connect an external monitor to the Kirabook and you'll be limited to resolution of 1920-by-1080 pixels.

13 PC technologies that need to disappear, stat!

Some legacy hardware hangs on much longer than necessary. We give you 13 components, ports, and devices that need to go away. No, please take them. Now.

PARC spin-out launches Kickstarter campaign to disrupt home networking market

PowerCloud Systems is looking to Kickstarter to bring its Skydog home network system with a cloud-managed Wi-Fi router to market.

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11 beloved PC game studios: Gone but not forgotten

Game developers come and go, but their legacies live on in some of the most influential PC games ever created.

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Intel debuts Haswell-related tools at 2013 Game Developers conference

New rendering extensions are designed for the graphics core in Intel's next-generation CPU, code-named Haswell.

AMD provides a sneak peek at its Radeon HD 7990

AMD very briefly showed off its answer to Nvidia's Titan GPU at a GDC press conference Tuesday night.

Nvidia launches a “sweet spot” GPU of its own

Chip designer announces availability of the GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost.