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Gartner: The Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2012

At the annual presentation of Gartner's popular Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends presentation, Cearley offered the following examples of the way the tech world is changing.

Romance Scams Pick on Divorced, Lovelorn

Research out of the UK says that perhaps as many as 200,00 people have been victims of online romance scams.

Borders Customers Will Have to Opt Out After Barnes & Noble Acquires Database

Barnes & Noble is purchasing bankrupt Borders' database, which contains information regarding 48 million customers. Customers will have 15 days to opt out of the system.

Facial Recognition Security, Privacy Issues Grab FTC Attention

Facial recognition technology is on the rise and the FTC is taking notice.

Driver Using Two Cell Phones Banned from Driving for One Year

UK man convicted a mobile phone while driving, having no insurance and not being in a position to have proper control

Top 8 Ways Feds (and Corporate Users) Can Take Advantage of Green IT

How does the federal government go about implementing green IT?

Big Brother Creep Out: 7 Ways US Govt. Invades Brains

With increasing frequency it seems agencies of the government are looking to tap into the public conscientiousness to gather information.

Thanks to Computers, Cursive No Longer Necessary

Keyboard typing and messaging are the way of future no doubt but at the cost of cursive writing? That seems to be the trend.

Brace for a Cybercrime Wave, Report Warns

The fight against hackers is hurt by public apathy and lack of collaboration with the law enforcement community, a Congressional report concludes.

Beware of Cell Phone Radiation Scams, Warns FTC

FTC says phony shield scammers are looking to prey on worried consumers

Google: Five Data Center Energy Saving Ideas You Can Implement

When it comes to saving data center energy few companies would have the expertise of Google, which has some of the largest data centers in the world.

Smartphones Attract Organized, International, Profit-driven Scammers

The mobile computing technology explosion has brought out seriously organized, international and profit-driven cybercriminals.

DOJ Report Critical of FBI Ability to Fight National Cyber Intrusions

Despite a push to bulk up its security expertise, the FBI in some case lacks the skills to properly investigate national security intrusions.