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Gigantic Changes Keep Space Technology Hot

FTC Eyes Debt-Collectors' Harvesting of Social Networks

An April workshop will consider how to better protect consumers from the high-tech onslaught that some debt collection firms use.

IT Graduates Not 'Well-Trained, Ready-To-Go'

There is a disconnect between students getting high tech degrees and what employers are looking for in those graduates.

NASA Tamps Down Massive Solar Flare Impact Hype

NASA says massive solar flare will produce pretty skies, but little else.

NASA Downplays Solar Flare Hype

Analysis: The massive solar flare will produce pretty skies but little else, the agency says.

'Jeopardy!' Victory Lands Watson a Health Care Job

IBM's Watson has parlayed its overwhelming victory in this week's "Jeopardy!" challenge into a job developing smart applications for the health care industry.

The Ultimate in Man v. Machine Moments

As IBM’s Watson steps into the Jeopardy! ring it takes a lot of history with it.

Ambitious U.S. Electronic Records Project Faces Rising Costs, Delays

The government's all-encompassing digital federal records keeping system is costing a lot more--perhaps as much as 41 percent more--than originally planned.

Google Unveils iPhone Language Translation App

The app accepts voice input for 15 languages and users can translate a word or phrase into one of more than 50 languages.

FBI Set to Unwrap Advanced Security Search Engine

The FBI says it is set to roll out is N-DEx search engine and information sharing program to a wider swath of the federal, state and local law enforcement

Google Set to Go on Massive Hiring Spree in 2011

Google is poised to hire more than 6,000 people this year if all goes according to plan.

IRS Gets Hip with Tax App for iPhone, Android

The application lets taxpayers check on their status of their tax refund and obtain helpful tax information.

14-Year-Old's Bubble Ball Shoots Down Angry Birds

Suddenly popular Bubble Ball game strikes a chord with the “physics-minded”

6 Critical Cybersecurity Challenges Facing the Electrical Grid

As the country's electricity grid undergoes a transformation and moves toward a more intelligently networked, automated system, it faces an increasing amount of cybersecurity issues.

Advanced Energy Research Projects Are Hot

Millions of dollars were laid out this year for all manner of energy research--from new biofuels and wind projects to better batteries and smartgrid programs.