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Michael Gartenberg is an analyst and long-time Mac user who covers the world of the interconnected consumer for Gartner. The opinions expressed are his own.

Looking beneath the Surface

The physical keyboard and inclusion of Office are differentiators that make a straight-up comparison with iPads and Android tablets impossible, writes Michael Gartenberg.

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windows 8

Windows 8 has a great story: Can Microsoft tell it?

Windows 8 may prove to be the best version of its operating system that Microsoft has ever created. But Michael Gartenberg argues that it's also the version that will need the best story ever told for an operating system.

Another Look at Chrome

Analysis: Google has polished Chrome, and the operating system is starting to shine on the newest Chromebooks.

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What You Say on the Web Will Be Used Against You

Users need to understand that social media can be land mines on their career paths. And businesses can educate them.

So Long, Netbook. Hello, Media Tablet.

The netbook's day in the sun was short-lived, and it took Apple to show the way with 'tweener devices.

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Michael Gartenberg: Motorola Atrix Smartphone Has a Usability Vision That Stands out

Execution of its big-screen docking capability needs work but is a good first step.

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And Then There Were Three: A Look at Chrome OS

Michael Gartenberg assesses Google's operating system.

5 New Year's Resolutions for Your Project Management Career

The key is to think about what the business needs from you.

RIM Needs to Make the BlackBerry Business-sexy

End users rule, and tacking on bare-bones media features won't cut it.

Apple 'Magical' Weapon: Educating Consumers

The key to Appleā€™s success is that the company often takes the time to explain things to the consumer that no other vendor bothers to do.

Can RIM Make the Transition From Enterprise to Consumer?

The BlackBerry's long smartphone dominance is starting to crack.

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