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Michael Horowitz wrote his first computer program in 1973 and has been a computer nerd ever since. He spent 20 years working in an IBM mainframe environment as both an application developer and a DB2 DBA. He then spent a few years working in the Research and Development group of a large Wall Street firm. He has also done technical writing and teaching. He is an independent consultant who has long been focused on Defensive Computing. For more see his personal website michaelhorowitz.com. This is a weblog of Michael Horowitz. The opinions expressed here are those of Michael Horowitz and may not represent those of Computerworld.

Haiti Texting Scam, Dissected

A simple search for "Haiti texting" led to some nefarious results.

Failing Hard Drive: Linux to the Rescue

A Windows XP laptop that fell victim to a Blue Screen of Death was saved with some help from Linux.

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Backing Up Files Is Smart, But What About Apps?

Under Windows, the concept of backing up an application doesn't exist. Portable applications, however, are worth a try — here's why.

Buying a Wireless Router — Simplified

Confused by Single-band G, Single-band N, Dual-band-single-radio N and Dual-band-dual-radio N? Read this before you buy.

One Big Netbook for One Low Price

A 12-inch netbook computer for only $379!

How to Pump Up Firefox's Address Bar

Analysis: Sure, Control-Plus increases the text size on a web page, but how about enlarging text in the address bar?

What Happens When PayPal Breaks

I don't expect PayPal to be perfect, but I do think they owe their customers an explanation when something goes wrong.

Scanning for Malware Should Be an Outside Job

Analysis: Scan a suspect system from the outside, without the suspect operating system running.

A "To-Go" Version of Google's Chrome Browser

Analysis: German software company's portable version of Chrome offers a host of advantages over Google's version, especially when it comes to privacy.

Microsoft Offers No QuickTime Patch Today

Analysis: But the good news is that Microsoft has provided an excellent work-around in the form of a downloaded file.

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Five Steps to Ditching Malware

Security scams abound, but here are some practical ways to clean up the mess.

Asus Revamps 1000HA Netbook, Offered for $300

At least one vendor offers this netbook with a reworked keyboard for $300 after a rebate.

Delta's Mysterious Wi-Fi Skies

Analysis: One user's in-flight Wi-Fi experience hits major turbulence.

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File Integrity: Windows Still Fails at the Most Basic Task

Analysis: How is it that, eight years after the release of XP, Windows 7 still fails this rudimentary undertaking?

How to Defend Against Drive-By Downloads

Here's the lowdown on a product that can keep your PC safe.