Opera Unite Offers Killer Media Sharing, But Fails at Social Networking

The newest Opera browser offers simplified file and media sharing, but its attempt at social networking leaves a lot to be desired.

Acrobat.com App Suite Still Undercooked

Adobe’s cloud collaboration suite shows promise, but lacks integration.

Windows 7 Will Give Netbooks the Magic Touch

The stage is set for multi-touch netbooks to dominate the market late this year.

Six Editions of Windows 7: What's With All the Whining?

Few users will ever need to choose a version for themselves, making criticisms about the number of Windows versions tired and baseless.

Windows 7 Beats Snow Leopard On Older Hardware Support

Windows 7 still runs on elderly hardware as Apple quietly announces that Snow Leopard will only run on newer Intel Macs.

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Reassessing the Apple Tax

In a move rarely seen by Apple, the Cupertino-based computer company both raised the bar and dropped its prices. So now how much is the Apple tax?

Apple Has Squandered the Gift That Was Vista

High prices and narrow product lines stand in the way of Apple's growth.

Qualcomm's Snapdragon Smartbooks Miss the Point

The electronics giant ignores lessons from the netbook market, eschews Windows from its devices.

iSCSI Gets Dirt Cheap With DroboPro

New storage product combines advanced RAID technology with small business affordability.

Microsoft Strips Three-App Limit From Windows 7 For Netbooks, Adds Hardware Limitation

Turns out Windows 7 Starter Edition's limit of running three applications at once was the lesser of two evils.

I Surf Unprotected

In my experience, common sense and alert surfing are more valuable than antivirus bloatware.

What the Bing is Microsoft Thinking?

Increasing its focus on search makes a certain kind of sense for Microsoft, but can the software giant afford another online dud?