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Mike Elgan is an opinion columnist at large who writes for Computerworld.com, The Raw Feed, TechGear and many other online and print publications. In the past, Mike has worked as chief editor for Windows Magazine, HP World Magazine, Inside HP, HP World News, The Palm Reader, Palm News, Road Tricks, Portable Life News, Laptop Life, BuzzWords, Pocket Windows and Portable Windows. The World Is My Office

Buzz, Facebook, Twitter Fuel 'Social Insecurity'

We've innovated our way into a strange new world of privacy compromise and confusion, where privacy is often violated by default.

How Digitized Content Democratizes Knowledge

Analysis: If more people read classics written by geniuses instead of trash written by self-aggrandizing TV talking heads, how would that change the public discourse?

Tired Technologies that Should Die Off in 2010

Let's hope these long-in-the-tooth tech clunkers finally kick the bucket this year.

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Why Tablets Will Kill Netbooks

7 reasons tablets rock, while netbooks are nearing the end of their day in the sun.

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Why E-book Readers Make Bad Holiday Gifts

Sure, the e-book market has never been better — but that doesn't mean you should buy an e-book reader as a gift. At least not this year.

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