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Mike Elgan is an opinion columnist at large who writes for Computerworld.com, The Raw Feed, TechGear and many other online and print publications. In the past, Mike has worked as chief editor for Windows Magazine, HP World Magazine, Inside HP, HP World News, The Palm Reader, Palm News, Road Tricks, Portable Life News, Laptop Life, BuzzWords, Pocket Windows and Portable Windows. The World Is My Office

10 Things You Won't See After the Recession

Analysis: Economic downturns have a way of accelerating the demise of the obsolete and inefficient.

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Do Your Last-Minute Shopping in Less Than an Hour

A last-minute gift guide you must read -- right now!

How a Flash Drive Could Be the Solution to Laptop Security

Every laptop should come with a UBS flash drive that controls access to the computer and backs up its data.

Free Wi-Fi: Spreading Like a Virus

The trickle of free Wi-Fi hotspots is becoming a flood.

Cyber Monday? Humbug! Mobile Tuesday Is Coming

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are old news. Here comes 'Mobile Tuesday.'

Who Needs 'Friends' Like These?

Here's why you need to be cautious of 'friends' on Facebook or other social networking environments.

The Economy Calls for Digital Nomads

An economic downturn invites innovation, and the backpacking workers will find opportunity.

Why Tethering is Stupid and Unnecessary

Tethering a cellphone for use as a wireless modem for your laptop is cumbersome and slow. The entire concept is waste of time.

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Mobile Tech Under Obama

During the next four years, mobile technology will undergo change you can believe in.

Why Netbooks Will Soon Cost $99

Prediction: The era when subnotebooks are subsidized like cell phones is here -- almost.

In Search of the Smartphone Laptop

Palm tried it with Foleo and failed; will Apple do better?

Call it a 'Sub-Subnotebook.' New 'PC' is Small as a Cell Phone!

This is not your average subnotebook. Maybe you'll want to call it a sub-subnotebook.

Gadgets that will Make Your Cell Phone Jealous

Analysis: Convergence devices that go even further than a cell phone's multiple talents.

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Vendors Rally While Windows Sleeps

The newest mobile technology announcements neglect an industry leader.

Cell Survivor: Conquer a City With Nothing But a Cell Phone

Forget being stranded on a desert island or in the Australian Outback. We're far more likely to be caught in an urban jungle without our laptops or wallets. Thank heavens we have our indispensable cell phones. Here's how to use them to find food, shelter, and to phone our way home.