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Mike Elgan is an opinion columnist at large who writes for Computerworld.com, The Raw Feed, TechGear and many other online and print publications. In the past, Mike has worked as chief editor for Windows Magazine, HP World Magazine, Inside HP, HP World News, The Palm Reader, Palm News, Road Tricks, Portable Life News, Laptop Life, BuzzWords, Pocket Windows and Portable Windows. The World Is My Office

Microsoft may have missed the leap on gesture control

Microsoft is ignoring the consumer market; Leap Motion is embracing it.

8 myths about the smartwatch revolution

A smartwatch is a wristwatch device that connects to the Internet, directly or via a smartphone, and runs apps.

Mobile computing and social media innovation can mean less user control

Google Reader and RSS fans fear a future in which decisions about what they see, watch, read and listen to are determined by secret algorithms and the whims of the social media masses.

Smart apps that learn and adapt to their users spur brave new tech world

From Indigo to Google's Field Trip, a brand-new generation of smart apps represent first steps toward the future of all human-machine interaction.

Transparent displays may not be worth the hype

The good news is that transparent-display phones and tablets are possible. The bad news is that they're undesirable.

Smartphone market leaders could lose their grip

The mobile landscape could look a lot different five years from now as Linux-based platforms gun for iOS and Android.

Social networks should be more like Facebook Poke

Private posts on social networks should be unsharable on the network and the pictures should be undownloadable.

Why smart people do dumb things online

One thing to remember in the David Petraeus fiasco: Email feels now, but email is forever. And so are social media and other online activities.

Timeline design being tinkered with at Facebook

The social networking service's current, multi-column stream is amateur-hour design that subtly irritates and frustrates mainstream users.

Coming soon: Cameras that never stop taking pictures

The advantage is that by taking many more pictures, you're more likely to capture unexpected or better images.

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Rise of the social picture gadget

Analysis: Everywhere you look on the social networks, posts with pictures get most of the attention and engagement.

Software That Tells Fibs on Your Behalf

The fake Twitter followers industry is just the tip of the iceberg -- in fact, a huge fake-popularity industry takes many forms.

Biometric ID Tool Benefits Questioned in Light of Privacy Concerns

Opposition to biometric ID is pretty widespread, and most of that opposition is based not on prophecy, but on concerns about privacy.