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Timeline design being tinkered with at Facebook

The social networking service's current, multi-column stream is amateur-hour design that subtly irritates and frustrates mainstream users.

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Coming soon: Cameras that never stop taking pictures

The advantage is that by taking many more pictures, you're more likely to capture unexpected or better images.

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Rise of the social picture gadget

Analysis: Everywhere you look on the social networks, posts with pictures get most of the attention and engagement.

Software That Tells Fibs on Your Behalf

The fake Twitter followers industry is just the tip of the iceberg -- in fact, a huge fake-popularity industry takes many forms.

Biometric ID Tool Benefits Questioned in Light of Privacy Concerns

Opposition to biometric ID is pretty widespread, and most of that opposition is based not on prophecy, but on concerns about privacy.

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Why Acer Is Wrong About Microsoft Surface

Analysis: Everybody calls Microsoft a software company, but of course Microsoft makes hardware, too.

Facebook's Summer of Fail

Analysis: The social networking sites' woes started with its IPO and have continued ever since.

App Lets You Send Pictures via Sound

Chirp uses sound to transmit words, pictures and URLs from one phone to another, and it gets its name because its data transmission sounds like a robotic bird.

Mini-Tablet is the Children's Toy of the Year

Analysis: Go into any Apple store, or check out the Apple section at Best Buy, and you will always see very small children mesmerized by the device.

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Why Small Tablets Will Dominate the Tablet Market

Analysis: The key attribute of small tablets that will drive them into mainstream use is low cost.

Robots in Cars Could Beckon Brave New Technology World

The major car companies -- including Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Ford, GM, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Volvo -- all have advanced self-driving car projects in the works, as does Google, many universities and even the Pentagon.

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Parents Get New Weapons in War Over Kids' Phones

Analysis: Thanks to social networks, bullying is no longer confined to the schoolyard; victims are potentially subject to harassment anytime, anywhere, and from any handheld device.

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Apple's iWallet Could Enhance Efforts to Make Payment Transactions More Seamless

Analysis: In the digital age, cash registers are obsolete and unnecessary, and Apple is on the money.

Consumer Electronics Glass Innovation to Transform Industry

Hundreds are working on the coming glass revolution, four companies and one university have announced serious breakthroughs, shattering old ideas about what's possible with glass.

Google Didn't Steal Wi-Fi -- Here's Why

Analysis: Google is being fined for "harvesting" wireless data while it collected images for Street View, and in fact the company did nothing wrong.