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Mike Elgan is an opinion columnist at large who writes for Computerworld.com, The Raw Feed, TechGear and many other online and print publications. In the past, Mike has worked as chief editor for Windows Magazine, HP World Magazine, Inside HP, HP World News, The Palm Reader, Palm News, Road Tricks, Portable Life News, Laptop Life, BuzzWords, Pocket Windows and Portable Windows. The World Is My Office

Has the Spam Problem Been Solved?

Microsoft founder Bill Gates said the problem of spam would be solved by 2006. Maybe he right--just a few years early.

What Android Fans Think of iPhone Users

Analysis: It's a curious thing about some Android users: They have very strong and surprising opinions about people who prefer iPhones.

Why Microsoft's Vision of the Future Will Really Happen

Microsoft released a video in 2008 and another one this week that together predict the sleek, wireless, connected gadgets we'll all enjoy by the year 2019.