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Mike Elgan is an opinion columnist at large who writes for Computerworld.com, The Raw Feed, TechGear and many other online and print publications. In the past, Mike has worked as chief editor for Windows Magazine, HP World Magazine, Inside HP, HP World News, The Palm Reader, Palm News, Road Tricks, Portable Life News, Laptop Life, BuzzWords, Pocket Windows and Portable Windows. The World Is My Office

Why There's No Such Thing as an Internet Kill Switch

The Internet was built to not shut down; the events in Egypt show that it may not be possible anyway.

How Apple and Google Will Kill the Password

Imagine sitting down at a public PC, surfing the Web, visiting Facebook, checking your online bank account and buying something on Amazon.com -- all without entering passwords or credit card information.

Gadgets: Built to Not Last

That shiny new Android phone you just bought? Yeah, it's a piece of trash. No, I'm not some Google-hating Apple fanboy. The iPhone 4 is junk, too.

Spam Will Wreck Social Networks Next

Analysis: They poisoned e-mail, then they ruined search, and next spammers will taint your social networks.

How Google Plans to Clone You

Google last week acquired Phonetic Arts, which specializes in technology that transforms a recorded voice into a computer-generated voice.