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Office 365 Virtual Tour: 13 Useful Features

Here is a close look at Microsoft's attempt to bring your desktop up to the cloud via Office 365.

X1 Professional Client, Version 6.7

X1Technologies wins test of six third-party search tools for Windows desktops

ISYS Personal Edition, Version 9.6

Complex interface, high-end capabilities

Google Desktop, Version 5.9

Google Desktop, Version 5.9

Exalead Desktop, Version 4.6

Browser-based, unique navigation system

dtSearch Desktop, Version 7.64

Powerful, enterprise-level search tool

Copernic Desktop Search Corporate, Version 3

Copernic strikes a good balance of usability, features and performance.

Desperately Seeking Desktop Data

Six products that can help you quickly dig up that key nugget of information.

Test Drive: Palm Treo Pro

Addition of Microsoft's new mobile browser, IE Mobile 6, makes this release notable.

Best IPhone Apps: Communication and Collaboration

The iPhone 2.x software brings Microsoft Exchange support to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

IPhone Applications Get Down to Business

With its revolutionary design, the first-generation iPhone captured consumers' hearts. But the device wasn't exactlty welcomed into the business world.

Best IPhone Apps: Office and Personal Productivity

These iPhone applications help extend your business desktop to the phone.

Open-Source Drupal Turns Pro

Acquia's strengthened and supported distribution of the open source content manager smooths the path to a trouble-free Drupal Web site.

Lab Test: HP Grooms iPaq for Business

Slick, versatile smartphone builds on Windows Mobile 6.1's features to deliver Exchange e-mail support and more.