New iPhone 3GS Bootrom NOT Jailbreak-Proof! With One Catch…

Despite recent reports, current jailbreak tools still work with the new stock of 3GS iPhones, though there is one major caveat that may make jailbreaking impractical for the time being.

Apple Ships New Jailbreak-Proof iPhone 3GS?

Apparently, Apple isn’t taking this whole iPhone jailbreaking hooplah too lightly. Last week, Apple began shipping 3GS iPhones with an updated bootrom (iBoot-359.3.2) that effectively blocks the current 24kpwn jailbreak exploit.

Ride the Wave! Hands-On With Google Wave Preview

Google's new communication platform is visually slick, but clearly still a work in progress.

Accelerated 3D Graphics In Your Browser!

Imagine playing fully fledged 3D accelerated games on any platform, without installing anything, directly from your Web browser.


Patience, Grasshopper: Wait to Update Your Jailbroken iPhone to 3.1

If you have a jailbroken iPhone and were wondering if you should update to 3.1 via iTunes, do yourself a favor and just wait a few more days.

No App Store, No Cry: Great Apps You'll Get Only By Jailbreaking Your iPhone

There truly is an app for just about everything on the iPhone. Well, everything that Apple approves of anyway. Here are some of the best apps you'll never see on the App Store.

Twitter is 40% “Pointless Babble.” Wait, that’s it?

In a new study conducted by Pear Analytics of San Antonio Texas, approximately 40% of posts on Twitter can be described as “pointless babble.”


Geeky Tunes – Music From A Tree

Using nothing but some editing software, a couple of condenser mics, and a tree in his backyard, Italian sound designer Diego Stocco created "Music From A Tree"- an impressive video composition.


TweetPsych: Build A Psychological Profile Based on Tweets

TweetPsych builds a psychological profile based on your last thousand tweets.


NAMM: AKAI Pro Announces Tiny USB MIDI Controllers & More

Today at Summer NAMM, Akai Professional announced some exciting new music-making products, including the LPD8 and LPK2 ultra-portable USB MIDI controllers.


Arrested Developers: 8 Tech Celebs Who've Been in Trouble with the Law

It's easy to forget that the people responsible for creating the technologies we use everyday are, well… people too. And some of them do bad things.

Nvidia’s PhysX Technology Brings GPU Accelerated Physics to Upcoming Games

Nvidia announced three anticipated games will be making use of their hyped PhysX technology: Dark Void, Terminator Salvation, and Darkest of Days. The PhysX engine is incredibly scalable, already running on every major gaming platform, including Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, PC, and even iPhone.

Japanese Robotic Exoskeleton Looks Cool, Dorky

The Japanese have a knack for developing movie and television inspired tech products that straddle the fine line of usefulness and nerdy fantasy. A company called Cyberdyne introduces HAL- a cybernetic suit that claims to make you ten times stronger.


Blog SEO: 5 Tips To Improve Ranking and Increase Traffic

Free blogging sites like Word Press and Blogger offer easy-to-use and robust services, but they often leave something to be desired in terms of SEO. Here are a few simple things you can do to optimize your blog to improve your ranking and increase traffic.


Top 5 Favorite Happenings at Apple's iPhone 3.0 Media Event (not Copy/Paste)

There's bound to be a tidal wave of news regarding Apple's iPhone 3.0 media event. You're going to hear a lot about Cut/Copy/Paste, MMS, in-app purchasing, blah, blah, blah. Here's the dirt on what really mattered at the Apple event.