'Green' Web Hosting: Carbon Saver or Marketing Gimmick?

"Green" web hosting sites claim that the carbon footprint of web hosting is astronomical, but just how "green" are these sites

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iPhone Turn-By-Turn GPS Navigation Has Arrived!

Today, xGPS version 1.2 was released to jailbroken iPhones and iPod Touches- finally bringing turn-by-turn voice navigation functionality to Apple’s GPS enabled mobile platform.

How-To: Use Your iPhone as a Wireless Laptop Modem

The next time you’re stranded without an open WiFi network (but your 3G signal is going strong), you’ll be glad you installed Addition’s iPhoneModem 2 (free to try, full license is $9.99).

The Top 5 Best (Worst?) of Microsoft Songsmith

Classic songs hilariously interpreted by Microsoft Songsmith are sweeping the YouTube community.

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Microsoft Songsmith: Bad Music Made Easy

Microsoft Research Songsmith makes it easier than ever to create terrible music without even learning an instrument!

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Hack: How to Play DVD Movies on Your Nintendo Wii

How to play DVD movies on your Nintendo Wii using the Homebrew Channel. No warranty voiding mod-chip required.

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Breathalyzer FM Transmitter For Your iPod/iPhone

The new iBreath iPod/iPhone accessory is not only a fully functioning FM transmitter, ala the Griffin iTrip, it also lets users test their own blood alcohol content to make sure they are below the legal limit to drive.

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Numark's Cheap and Complete Package For Budding DJs

Numark's brand new "Total Computer DJ in a Box" bundle is an affordable and complete package for beginner digital DJs.

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Hack: How To Play Music On Your Nintendo DS

Here's how to get music playback on your Nintendo DS.

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