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Apple iPhone 4's Camera Gets (Mostly) Rave Reviews

Reports from Engadget, Boing Boing and others indicate that iPhone 4's camera may become a major selling point.


AT&T Sours iPhone 4 Reviews

Reviewers are gushing about the phone -- and griping about AT&T network quality.


Juggling Google Acounts? Help is Coming

Analysis: The monster task of maintaining multiple Google accounts.

Why I Ordered an Apple iPhone 4, and Didn't Get an Android

After trying to talk myself into an HTC EVO 4G, I ended up being seduced by the latest iPhone. Curse you, Apple!


Nine Ways to Secure Your iPad

AT&T's recent data leak proves you need to take iPad security seriously. Here are a few simple steps you can take.

Nine Easy Ways to Keep Your Apple iPad Secure

The AT&T attack emphasizes the need for users to take precautions. Here are some top tips on how iPad users can protect themselves.

iPhone Multitasking -- We're Still Waiting

Analysis: iPhone 4 multitasking will disappoint those who have been more hopeful than attentive.


Hang Up Your iPhone and Switch to Android

Looking for something new? Is Apple's corporate culture wearing you down? Android is looking good nowadays, and there are solid reasons to make the big switch.


Google to Give Gmail Conversations an Off Switch

Hate the way Gmail groups messages together into conversations? In the next few months, Google will have another option for you.

Can You Trust Facebook Now?

Analysis: Changes to the social networking site's privacy policies hasn't stopped the critics from howling.

Google's Pac-Man Cost $120M in Productivity

The cost could have been higher. Most people probably didn't realize that Google's home page doodle was playable.

Apple Nixes Republican Candidate's iPhone App

Apple can continue to block porn and other graphic content, but it should explicitly allow political speech, even if it "defames" public figures.


Real Life Usage Helps Demystify Google Wave

The first hurdle to using Wave for real-life business is explaining what it is. If you haven't spent any time using Wave, it's hard to understand.

How Microsoft Is Making Hotmail Cool

Hotmail may be the old fuddy-duddy of Webmail services, but Microsoft's redesign should shed that image.

Questions for Apple's CEO, from Censorship to Satire

Dear Steve: Shouldn't adults be allowed to decide for themselves what they and their children are allowed to see and read?