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Apple, Microsoft Set Sights on Google Gmail

Any company that wants to be serious as a cloud vendor needs to have Webmail at least as good as Gmail. But good Webmail is not enough.

Atomic Has Better Browser for Apple iPad, iPhone

Although it's a bit buggy, Atomic Web Browser vastly improves the Web surfing experience on the iPad and iPhone.


Has Apple Forgotten the Mac?

Analysis: With all the iFocus on phones, pads, and music, Apple treats the Mac like a second-class citizen.

Google Voice, Skype Get Unified Caller ID

Analysis: Now you can call by Skype but display your Google Voice number; thanks, Google.


Gizmodo Versus Apple: It's War Over the iPhone Prototype

It's looking like war between Apple and the state of California, on one side, and Gawker Media on the other.

8 Top iPad Apps (For Now)

These useful iPad apps will let you watch streaming movies, manage passwords and more

Google Apps Gmail: Think Before You Leap

The private-label version of Google's Web-based office suite is easy to use — but think carefully before relying on it for your business.

8 Great Apple iPad Apps

These top iPad apps are iPad-optimized, not iPhone apps stretched to fit the iPad.


Google Is New Apple of Lifehacker Founder's Eye

She still loves Apple products, but blogger Gina Trapani is now focusing on Google, citing its superior business model and corporate culture.

How Apple's iPad Might Kill its iPhone Business

Could the iPhone get squeezed out by the iPad at the high end and the iPod at the low end?


Apple iPhone's Big Reveal Comes on Thursday

As Apple plans to unveil details about the iPhone OS 4.0, multitasking support for third-party apps tops the list of expected features.


Will iPad Kill Netbooks?

Analysis: Early reviewers consider whose lunch the iPad will devour.


Apple iPad: 7 Sweet Apps to Try First

An avalanche of apps is available for the iPad, but these select few look especially promising for work, reading, productivity, and even making art.


Viacom-YouTube Lawsuit: The Case Against Viacom

Analysis: Both sides look dirty in the copyright infringement suit, but YouTube looks a bit dirtier.


Why Is Twitter's @anywhere So Complicated?

Getting to the bottom of what @anywhere is was no easy task -- and I'm still not sure that I've accurately sussed it out.