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What Really Killed AT&T's Unlimited Use Plan?

Analysis: Blame iPhone apps, movies, music, web surfing, or something else that prompted this trend . . . or fad.


Microsoft Makes Big Azure Announcements at PDC 2009

Analysis: Microsoft ups the cloud ante. Now will that dog hunt?

Windows 7: Top 5 Under-the-Radar Tweaks

Before you do anything else, treat yourself to some lesser known Windows 7 enhancements.


Microsoft Security Essentials: Never Pay For Anti-Virus Again

The death of Microsoft OneCare has given us a great, free anti-virus/malware protection option.

Microsoft's Tablet Aims to Bury Apple's Tablet

Microsoft's Courier uses multi-touch, but still relies heavily on the pen user interface. Good decision or bad?

How to Make Windows 7 Installs Easy

Locating your data in the proper place can save a lot of Windows 7 upgrade headaches.

Simplify Your Windows 7 Install with One Easy Step

Locating your data in the proper place can save a lot of Windows 7 upgrade headaches.


15 Must-Have Smartphone Apps

From the Twitterverse to the universe, the BlackBerry to the iPhone, here is a list of some the best apps out there for your fancy new phone.


Yo, Redmond: Enough with the Ribbon Menus Already!

Microsoft's gone too far. Ribbon menus in Outlook and Paint. Say it ain't so, Ozzie.

Why Macs Can't Beat PCs with Windows 7

Apple's heyday of picking on Windows is over, and it can no longer claim its OS is better than Windows 7 -- here are 5 reasons why.


Are Microsoft's Laptop Hunter Ads Outdated?

Apple says Microsoft's ads are comparing laptops using old, outdated prices.

Microsoft Surprises with Free Office Apps

Analysis: Office 2010 takes on Google at its own game, but Microsoft rarely lets another vendor set the rules.

Microsoft Antivirus Software: Like Fox Guarding Hen House

Analysis: Why can't users trust antivirus software from Microsoft to protect their own stuff?

Can Free Microsoft Security Essentials AV Software Fight Off Entrenched Interests?

Microsoft has to battle against more than just malware with its free security tool.

Want Redmond to Fix Outlook 2010? Join the Club

Analysis: No, it's not a cause that will save the world -- but it would make life a little better.