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Android, iPhone and Storm Stunt RIM's Growth

Analysis: RIM reports its first drop in subscriber growth since 2006, back when it was in patent litigation.


Windows 7 Starter Edition for Netbooks Loses 3-App Limit

Capricious limitation — of allowing only three apps to run concurrently — was expected to be reversed.

New iPhone App Makes Microsoft Office Mobile

Citrix Receiver iPhone app lets you run a variety of desktop apps from your iPhone.


iPhone 3.0 Beta Comes With Some Heavy Restrictions

iPhone app developers who upgrade to the 3.0 OS must say goodbye to earlier versions of the OS -- forever.

Why the BlackBerry Storm Needs a Bailout

My verdict on the Storm? Plain and simple: This is one of the worst devices I've used.


Layoffs Aren't the Right Route for Redmond

Microsoft must get busy -- and ignore the analysts.


Linux Not The Savior For Our Economy

There's always a group who are so overly passionate about their favorite hammer that everything else looks like a nail.


7 Skills for IT Fame and Fortune

Here are tips of marketable skills in challenging economic times.