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Microsoft Raises Privacy Issues With Tweaked TOS

Analysis: The new Microsoft service agreement follows Google's lead and allows it to share your data over all its cloud services.

Mass Surveillance and No Privacy Bill is 'For the Children'

What happens when stupid non-geeks write bills like SOPA and HR 1981? Rep. Lamar Smith says it's for the children, of course, and if you object to being spied upon online then you are some kind of guilty pro-child-porn lowlife pond scum sucker. Where does the stupidity stop?

Apple Cofounder Wozniak Praises Android

Steve Wozniak says he wishes his iPhone did all the things his Android does.


Every Time You Blink, Facebook Locks Out Two Potentially Hacked Accounts

New Facebook cybersecurity measures like Guardian Angels are supposed to help to protect the privacy of 800 million users. Officials said that 600,000 times a day, Facebook stops cybercrooks from accessing accounts, even though logins and passwords were guessed, phished, or stolen.

Kinect May Act As Xbox 360 Viewing Police with Parental Control Body Scanner

While a Microsoft Xbox TV deal is imminent, the future may include an Xbox 360 viewing police. Microsoft is trying to patent a Kinect 3D body scanner to estimate age and function like an automated parent control.

Digg Scrapes Facebook for Diggers' Real Identites and Photos

Digg has changed some Diggers' account profiles to reflect real identity instead of Digg alias. Digg responds to privacy concerns and lets users know how to opt out.

When a Company Gathers Info About You, Is that Invasion of Privacy?

Analysis: Microsoft's partnership with "intent-driven" Adchemy raises question of propriety and protection of consumer privacy.

Will the Future TSA Track All Your 'Daily Travels to Work, Grocery Stores, and Social Events'?

While the TSA can't explain why invasive patdowns without probable cause are legal, that isn't stopping TSA from future plans to track all your daily travels, anywhere you go, from work, to stores, or even when you go out to play.

Cops Use Device to Find Child Porn on Wireless Networks

Police are using a "one-button interface" device to detect child porn on wireless networks. The AirCheck gadget helps law enforcement locate and track down suspected child predators or suspects engaging in other "illegal Internet activity."

Anonymous, Hackers, Citizens: Know Your Rights!

Analysis: In light of the FBI arrests trying to send a message to Anonymous hacktivists, do you know your rights?

Cyberthugs, Run as Fast as You Can: FBI Is On a Victorious Roll

The FBI has come out with cyberguns blazing, blowing away bad guys in cyberspace, and scoring major white hat wins.

Elite Navy SEALs Secure Motherload of Intelligence During Bash and Dash

Geronimo! Elite Navy SEALs took more than bin Laden's body, scoring on an electronic "treasure trove" of intelligence on hard drives, thumb drives, USBs, DVDs and CDs which are currently being harvested for intelligence.

Facebook Photos: Opt-Out or Tag You're It

100 million people tag photos each day on Facebook. One month after Facebook launched its facial recognition feature, non-users may still not be aware that Facebook's photo tagging could be broadcasting their faces.

Santa Claus Placed On Watchlist As Possible Terrorist

You won't believe who was placed on a watchlist this time -- Santa Claus! After St. Nick balked at a TSA grope down, authorities took him in for questioning regarding possible terrorist activities.

FTC Appoints Cool Hacker as Chief Technologist

The FTC appointed Ed Felton as its first Chief Technologist. Felten is a cool hacker with a long history of hacking and taking on "The Man" such as the RIAA and Microsoft. This may signal that the FTC is about to dive deeper into digital privacy issues facing consumers.