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Nancy Gohring is a freelance journalist who started writing about mobile phones just in time to cover the transition to digital. She's written about PCs from Hanover, cellular networks from Singapore, wireless standards from Cyprus, cloud computing from Seattle and just about any technology subject you can think of from Las Vegas. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, Computerworld, Wired, the Seattle Times and other well-respected publications.

AWS Deal Improves Eucalyptus' Chances at Enterprises

Eucalyptus has become far more attractive to enterprises wishing to build private clouds, now that the number-one cloud provider -- Amazon Web Services -- has...

'NoOps' Debate Grows Heated

The dust-up over the term "NoOps" escalated this week, with high-profile IT executives from Netflix and Etsy issuing dueling blog posts about the evolution of IT...

Analyst: One in 10 Tablets Sold Has a Cellular Connection

It's clear that people are willing to pay for new tablets, but it's also clear that they aren't yet ready to take on the fee for cellular connectivity to it...

Payment Now Issued, Google Tells Frustrated Developers

Google on Friday morning posted a brief, apologetic message on a forum filled with angry comments from app developers who haven't been paid for sales of their...

Public Safety Sees Opportunity, Pitfalls in Social Media

Law enforcement agencies are looking for ways to mine social media to look for threats, but those speaking at a conference on Wednesday suggested that an equally...

Motorola, HTC, Samsung and Others Face Antitrust Suit

UPDATE: A company that controls 100 patents has filed an antitrust complaint against Motorola, LG, Samsung, Dell and HTC, accusing them of conspiracy.

Shrinking Budgets Spur Creativity in Public Safety IT

Shrinking budgets have driven many public safety organizations to focus on wringing value out of existing IT implementations and take a close look at whether new...

Yahoo Sues Facebook Over 10 Patents

Yahoo is accusing Facebook of copying a range of technologies that the flagging search company invented, in a lawsuit that alleges the social media giant...

Cloud Computing Interoperability Forum Looks for New Life

The founder of the Cloud Computing Interoperability Forum is working to revive the organization, which fizzled in 2010.

Controversial Firm Carrier IQ Hopes to Allay Users' Privacy Concerns

Carrier IQ executives said they hope that customers are once again realizing the value of the data that the company's software collects.

Cloud Economics Improving for Users in Wake of Price Cuts

Cloud computing price cuts by Google, Amazon and now Microsoft may indicate that businesses are discovering that moving to the cloud doesn't always save costs.

Microsoft to Shut Down App Store for Old Phone Platform

Microsoft will soon shut down the app store for Windows Mobile, the phone platform it is phasing out.

Ray Ozzie's Startup Has Mobility, Communications at Core

Ray Ozzie, the former chief software architect at Microsoft, has given a few more hints about what his new startup will do.

Motorola to Offer Phones With VMware Hypervisor, Too

Motorola Mobility has joined LG and Samsung among the companies building VMware's hypervisor into their phones. The move is part of a larger push at Motorola to...

Windows 8 on ARM on Track, Microsoft Says

Anyone can take Windows 8 for a spin now that Microsoft has launched the so-called "consumer preview" version of the software.