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What the Influx of 'digital Natives' Will Mean for IT

In about 15 years, the Millennial Generation -- the "digital natives" who began entering the workforce in 2000 -- will be, more or less, in charge of their...

The Top 10 Stories in IT This Week

This week was a busy one in IT news, with the European Parliament giving the OK to the controversial Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, SAP being slapped with...

The Top 10 Stories in IT This Week

We used to go weeks -- months even -- with no news about Java, but that seems to be changing since Oracle bought Sun Microsystems and took over licensing control...

The Top 10 Stories in IT This Week

Oracle's lawsuit against SAP, alleging intellectual-property theft by SAP's former subsidiary TomorrowNow, went to trial this week, garnering daily headlines out...

The Top 10 Stories in IT This Week

Attempts by Dutch authorities to take down the massive Bredolab botnet captured headlines this week, with infected PCs downloading fake antivirus software at...

The Top 10 Stories in IT This Week

Steve Jobs was a busy man this week, making a rare appearance on Apple's quarterly earnings call where he availed himself of the opportunity to trash-talk the...

The Top 10 Stories in IT This Week

Studies say Android apps spy on you, more bosses fire workers for social networking faux pas, Google Instant gets keyboard navigation, and more.

How to Recruit and Hire Millennial Tech Employees

A new study finds that workers in the Millennial generation are less focused on money and more on being challenged and contributing to the larger good.

The Top 10 Stories in IT This Week

The Stuxnet worm, and its possible target, captured headlines this week and left us feeling queasy about the future of cyberwar. Fortunately, Oracle OpenWorld...

The Top 10 Stories in IT This Week

Grabbing headlines this week: Twitter's redesign, the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Mark Hurd's debut as Oracle co-president.

HP Buys 3Par, Apple Rolls out New Gear

Hewlett-Packard swooped in with the better bid to overtake Dell and win 3Par, so now we can all sit back and wait for the next acquisition battle to roll around...

H-P, Dell Spar Over 3PAR, DLL Attacks Rage

The bidding duel between Hewlett-Packard and Dell over 3PAR took over IT news headlines this week with a dizzying back-and-forth flurry of increased bids...

IT Hiring Continues to Improve, According to Surveys

Recent surveys say that IT hiring is on the upswing in the U.S. and Canada.

Strategy's Limits: A Chat With Ernest Von Simson

The longtime IT consultant and industry observer talks about three decades of working with corporate leaders and the stories in his new book.

Security Vexations Aplenty, More Facebook Fun

Worms, malware, zero-day attacks -- it was a worrisome week on the security front, with stories in that genre taking our top three slots.