Nancy WeilManaging Editor, IDG News Service

Nancy Weill is managing editor of the IDG News Service, based in Boston.

Twitter's Ad Scheme, Kin Phone, ACTA Unveiled

Twitter's first developer conference, Chirp, drew a lot of interest this week, in large measure because the company at last started to talk about how it intends...

IPhone 4.0, Security News Dominate

Apple takes top billing yet again this week with its sneak peek at the iPhone 4.0 operating system. (Honestly, we'd ignore the hoopla if we thought we could get...

Hacker Gonzalez Sentenced to 20 Years for Exploits

Judge chides hacker for his participation in a cybercrime ring that stole customer records from Heartland, TJX and others.

Hacker Gonzalez Gets 20 Years for Heartland Breach

Hacker Albert Gonzalez was sentenced Friday to 20 years in prison for his role in the hack of Heartland Payment Systems' computer networks.

Gonzalez Sentenced to 20 Years for Multimillion-dollar Credit Card Scam

Albert Gonzalez was sentenced to two consecutive 20 years in federal prison for stealing more than 130 million credit and debit card numbers in 2006.

Gonzalez Sentenced for Multimillion Dollar Credit Card Scam

Hacker mastermind Albert Gonzalez was sentenced Thursday in U.S. District Court to two concurrent 20-year stints in prison.

Broadband Plan, Palm Dreams, More Facebook Woes

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission's national broadband plan captured our attention this week and will undoubtedly continue to do that in the weeks (and...

Troyak Takedown, Security Blues, ICANN Meets

The Troyak ISP, which has been linked to the Zeus botnet, was briefly taken down this week. The takedown occurred on the heels of the RSA Conference last week...

RSA, Cebit Get the IT Focus

Two major events -- the RSA Conference and the annual Cebit extravaganza -- dominated the IT headlines this week. In other news, all eyes were on Chile as the...

Apple Sues HTC for Patent Infringement

Apple filed a patent infringement lawsuit Tuesday against HTC, claiming that the Taiwanese company is infringing 20 Apple patents.


Intel's Maloney on Medical Leave After Stroke

Intel's Sean Maloney is on medical leave after suffering a stroke.

ACTA Leak, MS-Yahoo Search, Kneber Botnet

The week opened with the busy Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and ended with the leak of part of a document related to secret negotiations to craft an...

SAP Starts the Week, Olympics End It

SAP's executive changes reverberated across the IT news sphere and opened the week's big IT news. Google's Buzz garnered Tuesday's big headlines, while...

Apple's IPad, Oracle's Plan for Sun Share Limelight

While it seemed that all eyes were on Apple's unveiling of the long-awaited iPad this week, Oracle on the same day revealed its plans for Sun Microsystems'...